Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kumkum Bhagya 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The Episode starts with Harman asking Mr. Mehra to come inside. Harleen asks about his wife. Mr. Mehra says she will parked the car and will come, and says actually she is enjoying driving on the roads here, as she is not scared of accidents. His wife comes there. Mr. Mehra says he will introduce them. Monisha tells RV that Mr. Mehra is different and homely, and not business types. RV says he is different in business meeting. Vikrant says he will go to someone’s house to have coffee, if we don’t impress them then will lose this business opportunity. RV says why did he act with us? Poorvi asks him to be a good host and then see. Monisha asks what you know about business and businessman’s mind. RV says Mr. Mehra is showing himself as a family man. He says we have to do business with him, and shall impress him. The money lender comes to Prachi’s house and asks for the money. He says we have to fold hands to get our money back. Prachi says we will give you money. He says I have to come here. Ashok says we will give you money in 15 days. The money lender says I want money today itself. He says he will get some money by selling utensils and their home.

Dada ji tells Mr. Mehra that he is doing business the right way. Mr. Mehra says he is learning the new ways. Mrs. Mehra tells that she had celebrated festival with business partners, last Diwali was celebrated with Dholakia family. Yug comes there and says you parked the car much inside. Mrs. Mehra says some more guests will also be coming for dinner. Deepika asks how many people will be there. Mrs. Mehra says 5 couples. She says my secretary must have missed, then we will order food from outside. Poorvi says no problem, we will arrange dinner for everyone, they will have home food. Harleen goes behind her and scolds her. Monisha asks why did she act oversmart, and wanted to show that she is the owner. Deepika says Maa was there and would have talked to them. Monisha says but you wanted to show that you run the house. Poorvi says why you are saying like this.

Harleen says let me talk. Poorvi says I thought they challenged us and that’s why I said that, and shall not say oh god, we are not ready, RV comes and says she is right. Deepika asks what she did. She says what has happened in KK’s marriage. Poorvi says it is not my or Maa’s mistake. Monisha says what you knows about business, I have handled such situation before and now will handle too. Harleen asks how you will handle. Monisha says why did they come? She says we shall get food from our restaurant so that they can decide about doing food business with us. Deepika appreciates her idea. RV and Harleen agrees and like her idea.

Mrs. Mehra tells that they will have tea here and will have food in the hotel. Monisha asks why you will have food outside and asks if she likes to have hotel food. Mrs. Mehra says yes. Harleen says I assume that your guests too will like the food. Deepika says why the chef haven’t come to take order and tells Monisha that she should have given him order on phone. Monisha says she has called him here so that she can tell them that the recipe was here, and she had added her personal touch. Deepika likes her idea. Chef comes there. Monisha asks Chef, if food will be made in 1 hour for 25 people. He says he will make it in 45 mins.

Monisha comes out and tells RV that he will be surprised and tells that she has taken the responsibility and there is no chance of mistake. RV says you have handled everything till now and my tension is gone a bit. Monisha says a bit, my love. RV goes. Deepika appreciates her for impressing RV. Poorvi comes to the room and says she said just normally that food will be made and then she understood that it is a business thing. She says she didn’t want to hurt them. RV says I know that you will not hurt me and my family, your heart is clear, and says sorry. Poorvi says you said good and asks if you want to hear thanks from me. She thanks him for supporting her, and asks if he likes her cooking. RV nods his head. Poorvi says Bua would have said, you can shake 5 kgs head, but not 100 gms tongue. He says he is just nodding and asks her not to get upset. She says she is not upset.

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