Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 20th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 20th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 20 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

In the morning, Nandini enters the kitchen brimming with excitement, engrossed in cooking. As she busies herself, Mehul arrives home, calling out for Nandini and Mitesh, with Ishwar in tow. They enter the room where Manri is suggesting shirts to Ishwar, who staunchly refuses each option. Mehul inquires if Ishwar isn’t ready yet, to which Ishwar explains that he’s gotten ready four times already, but his aunt remains unconvinced. Manri chimes in, reminding Ishwar that he had time yesterday to shop for himself, but he couldn’t. Mitesh suggests Ishwar wear some shoes, but Ishwar declines to wear anything at all. Nandini intervenes, affirming that Ishwar looks fine just as he is, and suggests he take the dishes she prepared for them. Mehul proposes they leave, but Manri stops them, insisting that Surbhi, who provided milk to Nandini, should bestow her blessings. Manri then checks if Ishwar has buttoned his shirt and if he has taken the money. Concluding that everything should be fine, she subtly signals Mehul about their conversation from the previous night before reminding him to take care of his uncle.

Meanwhile, Nandini calls Naren, who eagerly awaits their arrival. She informs him that Mehul and her uncle have just departed for Rajkot. Naren expresses confidence that everything will be fine, reflecting on his father’s greatness, which he recognized the previous night. Nandini reassures him of her trust, and he pledges never to break it, promising to call her once everything is sorted. Nandini shares her preference for being called “Nandu” instead of being too formal, a request Naren agrees to before ending the call.

As Ishwar and Mehul alight from the auto, Ishwar is taken aback by the grandeur of the house. He acknowledges Manri was right about dressing appropriately. Mehul urges Ishwar to stay positive despite feeling uncertain. They stand at the entrance, and Ishwar signals Mehul to ring the doorbell.

Virel answers the door, questioning the visitor’s identity. Mehul introduces themselves as visitors from Upleta, prompting Virel to invite them inside. While Virel recognizes Ishwar, he’s unsure of Mehul’s name. They exchange pleasantries, and Mehul queries about Virel’s identity. Virel reveals himself as Nandini’s younger brother. As they converse, HemRaj descends the stairs, recognizing Ishwar but asking Mehul for clarification. Upon learning that Ishwar is Nandini’s uncle, HemRaj remarks on the discrepancy in names. Mehul explains the familial surname but suggests avoiding discussion on this topic. HemRaj concurs, emphasizing the significance of surnames in reflecting one’s identity and family background. Chanchal joins them, urging Ishwar and Mehul to sit and not stand. HemRaj receives a call, learning about someone named Ishwar Tanbariya with evident delight. He instructs the caller to return, confident in handling the matter personally.

Amidst the interactions, HemRaj deduces that Ishwar is the farmer impeding his project. This revelation leads to a tense atmosphere, briefly interrupted by Samta’s praise of Nandini. Despite Virel’s attempts to offer hospitality, Mehul declines, citing their recent consumption of lemonade. HemRaj commends Mehul’s humility, while Chanchal insists they stay and partake in refreshments. HemRaj reflects on their adherence to traditional values despite modernity, asserting the importance of maintaining societal norms. Ishwar’s discomfort grows as he observes HemRaj’s authority. Chanchal sends Punal to summon Naren, prompting him to join the gathering.

In his room, Naren expresses his resolve to keep Nandini close to his heart, refusing to glance at her photo as she’s now part of their household. Punal assures him of a positive outcome with family present. Naren agrees to a game before descending to join the others.

Upon Naren’s arrival, he warmly embraces Ishwar and Mehul, requesting breakfast from Samta. However, HemRaj interrupts, advising Naren to head to the office for crucial meetings, dismissing any need for familial interaction. Ishwar senses the sternness in HemRaj’s demeanor, prompting concern. Despite Naren’s insistence on bidding farewell properly, HemRaj insists otherwise, suggesting they meet at the bus stand. He then turns his attention to Ishwar and Mehul, introducing them to the Ratansi family and urging Ishwar to tour the house.

Meanwhile, Manri instructs Mitesh to summon HetaBaa while she prepares the jewelry. Mitesh, shocked at the absence of jewelry, seeks clarification from Manri, who refers to the family heirlooms awaiting transformation.

Nandini receives a call from Mitesh, informing her of their aunt’s departure to retrieve the jewelry. Sensing urgency, Nandini dismisses the children, preparing to return home.

In the kitchen, Chanchal laments the visitors’ lack of refreshments despite their long journey. Samta reassures her, prompting preparations, albeit with apprehension regarding Sethji’s expectations in the name of tradition.

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