Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 13th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 13th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

In the evening, Naren enters the house and hears someone singing. He goes to his uncle, who asks where he was at eleven thirty and if he wasn’t hungry. Samta is sitting after serving dinner when the children arrive with a cake they baked for him. Samta is excited and asks them to calm down, but the uncle suggests they wait a bit longer before celebrating. Naren wonders how they can celebrate when he knows they just want to cheer him up. Samta gives Naren the knife to cut the cake, and he shares it with his uncle and Samta, as well as all the children and even Kunal, whom he teases a bit. Afterwards, Naren eats some cake but declines dinner, asking if he did anything wrong that day. When his uncle starts singing, Ronaq enters and questions what’s happening, surprising everyone. Ronaq reveals that his father loves to sleep and doesn’t let anyone else, and then he just went to sleep. Naren apologizes, and his uncle mentions that a song can fit into any situation. Naren remarks that a song doesn’t always provide the answer, which Ronaq agrees with. Ronaq then suggests that Naren should learn to live like him. This angers Naren, especially when Ronaq suggests that every love story in the house has a sad ending, including Naren’s.

The uncle warns Ronaq not to compare himself to Naren and praises HemRaj for getting him married to Roupa. Ronaq retorts that Roupa isn’t the woman he loves, and if she’s not the one, he doesn’t care. Ronaq storms off, followed by Roupa. Samta apologizes to Naren, but he insists everything is fine. Samta sees her husband hitting himself on the forehead in frustration, regretting that Ronaq once again ruined Naren’s mood. He starts singing again, embracing Samta tightly as they both cry.

Naren enters his room and goes to the portrait of Nandini, expressing that he can’t live without her and promising that their love story will have a happy ending.

Meanwhile, HemRaj is sleeping while Chanchal is still awake. She receives a text message on her phone and is shocked after reading it.

Nandini is sleeping when her phone rings. She answers the call from Naren, who apologizes for waking her but insists it’s important. He asks her to meet him in the main lounge, prompting Nandini to quickly run downstairs. She’s shocked to see Naren standing outside their house and expresses concern about him coming on his bike. Naren insists that sometimes risks are necessary and then asks if she loves him. When Nandini affirms her love, Naren asks if she’ll support his life decisions.

Meanwhile, Chanchal, feeling restless, goes to knock on the door. Samta comes out, and Chanchal reveals that Naren left the house. Virel, who had tried to cheer Naren up earlier, is shocked when Chanchal shows him the text. They wonder what to do and worry about HemRaj finding out. Suddenly, HemRaj appears behind them, leaving them all stunned.

Naren asks Nandini if she’ll support his decisions, to which she agrees, stating that decisions made with a true heart can never be wrong. Naren then suggests they get married right away, leaving Nandini stunned. She questions what about their families, and Naren nervously explains that he can convince her family but admits that his family isn’t supporting him. Nandini demands clarification, and Naren reveals that he confessed his love to his father and wanted to marry her, but his father refused and tried to get him married to someone else. This led to an argument, and Naren couldn’t understand anything, so he left his family to marry her.

HemRaj reads Naren’s text as the family gathers, and HemRaj announces that since Naren left, he’s going to declare that the doors of their house are closed to him. Just then, Naren returns, and Chanchal tries to ask him where he went, but HemRaj intervenes, insisting on speaking to Naren alone. He shows Naren the text and expresses confusion about how a girl became so important to him that he broke all relations. Naren explains that it’s because of Nandini’s teachings and upbringing. Chanchal asks if he went to Upleta for Nandini, and Naren confirms, stating that he went for her and returned because of her, realizing that upbringing can be done with an open mind and good moral character.

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