Krishna Mohini 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Krishna Mohini 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Krishna Mohini 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode opens with Akash and Shailesh convincing Rajesh to sell the house. Krishna comes and stops Rajesh. She reads the papers and asks Rajesh to think about Mohan. Rajesh says your mother left and put the burden of Mohan and your responsibility on me. Krishna says I will not let Mohan lose this house. Sid comes and says I m buyer. She sees him. She says this house belongs to me and my brother, we don’t want to sell it, you are a rich man, I will help you get good property from it, but not this house. Syed says ok but on one condition. She says I will do whatever you say. He says you know my room in my native mansion, come there in the evening, please me, I will please you, are you agree? Krishna angrily slaps him.

He asked how dare you? She grabs a sickle and threatens him. She scolds him. She says your brother respects girls. She asks him to get out. Syed leaves angrily.

Mohan cries and gives his exam. Ariman is watching. Krishna talks to his mother’s image and cries. Pankesh calls her and asks where did you run, there is a lot of work, if I lose this deal, I will not pay you. She says Mohan needed me so I came here. She thinks about Mohan. Rajesh asks her to marry Pankesh. She refuses. He hurts her. Lata asks her to worry about Krishna. He says people will come and say bad things, Pankesh is ready to marry her. Krishna says I will not marry, I have no time for marriage, I have to make Mohan educated. He asks her to take Mohan. Sid takes revenge. He sees Krishna with Mohana. He says it is his brother. Krishna and Mohan eat chaat. Krishna goes to take the phone. Mohan sees a girl buying bangles and smiles. The man scolds him for staring at his daughter. Krishna says no my brother will never do that. Mohan cries. Sid is watching. Krishna consoles Mohan. She says I know you didn’t see the girl with wrong intention. Mohan says I was not looking at the girl but bangles. She asks why, but doesn’t say anything. She says I have to go and get money from someone. She leaves. Sid goes to Mohan with bangles and asks were you looking bangles for Krishna or for yourself? Mohan asked do you know Krishna? Sid says yes, she works for us, take it. Mohan smiled at the bangles. Krishna comes back and pushes Sid.

She throws bangles. Mohan says he was giving you bangles. Why Krishna asks, am I your sister, I will go and complain about you to Ariman, go and learn from him, he is like god and you are demon. She takes Mohan home.

Kandan says I am buying shares in Ariman’s name. Srilaja taunts him. Dadi says Bharat and Kundan are friends, they have always been as a family. Kandan defends Ariman. Ariman comes. Kandan complains to Sid. Aariman says its fine, I will. Riya asks her to come along to the fair. Aryaman says no, I have to finish work. Kandan says no you go, Sid will do his work. Ariman and the gang arrive at the fair.
He asks his sister not to go away. She argues. He sees Krishna there. Krishna works at a food stall. He says that after a busy day, she is selling jalebis here. He hears Krishna speak and is inspired. Riya says I want to make too. Ariman says no, don’t be stubborn. Krishna says its fine, let her do it. She guides Rhea. She sees the oil and removes Riya from there. She burns. She says its fine. Ariman goes to fetch water. He takes care of Krishna. Sid and Srilaja are on a video call. They see Ariman taking care of Krishna. He smiled. She says one problem is solved, now Aariman will be out of Aniya’s life, we can get him out by showing this video, doubt is like a termite, it will end their relationship, now. Ananya will not marry Ariman. Mohan smiles seeing Krishna’s bangles. He wears it. Rajesh comes home. He sees Mohan. Mohan gets scared.

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