Kavya 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Kavya 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kavya 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Adi and Kavya entering the lab and fooling the janitor. He asks the watchman to save Kavya’s life. Kavya is getting pregnant. She says this man is devil, I will die because of this man. Adi saw Santri and asked what? She says I didn’t get melon, I think orange packet has burst. Adi asks the watchman to help him. Adi and Kavya go inside. Sanjeev calls Neena and says I am waiting for you. Kishore says Neena has gone to meet Sanjeev. Grand Amma asks how did you let him go, you are a fool, go there quickly. Alka got worried hearing this. She says I have to tell Kavya. The watchman asked Kavya to come. Adi says bring the cylinder here. The watchman leaves. Adi checks the system for genuine reports. The watchman finds the cylinder. Adi says she will get well soon. He asks the watchman to go out and do his duty. He sends her out. He asks Kavya to get up. Adi and Kavya have a moment. They check the report. The watchman gets an orange. He says how did this orange come here? Alka calls Sanjeev. Kavya says I also want to get pregnant, but not till you have a doubt about me that I am Omi’s killer. She asks do you really think I can do this. Adi says we will do it for the one who came here. Adi calls his friend and takes his help. Adi gets the report. He says I got the file, Kavya. He gives the pen drive to Kavya. It finds the file. The watchman comes. Adi and Kavya distract him and take his phone. Adi says it is done. Adi takes the pen drive. Alka starts acting strangely. Sanjeev comes to see. Kishore asked who are you? Sanjeev says you here….

Kishore asks the men to catch them. Adi and Kavya run away. Sanjeev and Alka also run away. Then from the heart….play…. He asked how did you come here? She says your life was in danger so I came. He says you will know me, I am determined, I do what I decide, I couldn’t meet Neena, but I got someone’s wallet, let’s check it. He gets a card. Alka says I think Neena met her bf here. Sanjeev says I found a way to reach Neena. Adi and Kavya come and hide somewhere.

They argue. He says you shouldn’t have taken all this pain, you don’t deserve it. She beats him. She says I can’t lose you. He says I will trouble you. Both confessed their love. He says till now I was getting proof of your innocence, but today I am sure you can’t take anyone’s life, I am sorry. They embrace. Adi and Kavya’s romance. Hey Rama… plays…

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