Kavya 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Kavya 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kavya 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Sanjeev telling Adi about Kavya finding the guy with the torn jacket. Sanjeev asks, what is the jacket in the house? He says tell the truth. Adi says its proved, it is easy to turn a lie into truth, I doubted Kavya and insulted her, but she helped me in every way and respected me, she gave me love, I am not this. One can say that he is innocent, but it is difficult to say that he is a murderer. Kavya encourages Malini. She asks for a chance. Malini asked what? Adi gets the jacket scanned. He wants his friend’s help. He gets the details. He comes home. Alka says Kavya was looking for you. Adi says Sanjeev came home today, I wanted to talk to you. Anurag takes baby Omi. Alka goes to take the child from her. Kavya says I was waiting for you, I have prepared the court room for your practice. He sees Malini as a judge.

He admires Malini. Malini questions him about the case. She annoys him. He asks her to stop. She asks him cheap questions. He cries and shouts, I didn’t do this to him. Kavya and Malini catch him. Adi hugged her.

Malini says sorry Adi, their lawyer will break you like this, try to remember. Adi remembers Neena’s words. He says Nina’s boyfriend. He recalls that Neena went to meet her bf, room no 106. Kavya says I found you in this room. He says I took her to meet her bf, I was encouraging her like a friend, I am telling the truth, believe me. Malini says but you are saying this, we can’t prove it. Kavya says I didn’t ask for room number, I booked that room for a party member. Kavya says it means Neena’s bf didn’t have any room, Neena took you to the room which was booked in your name, it was planned in detail. Malini asks who would do this and why.

Kavya thinks Badi Amma did it. Malini says Neena won’t talk to you, maybe Neena likes Adi. Adi says no, I just protected her. Kavya says people like you are few, but everyone doubts them. Kavya says Neena and her bf can tell us. Badi Amma talks to Kishore on the call. She is shocked to see Alka at the door. She shouts and asks when did you come? Alka just said. Grandmother asks, did you hear? Alka says no, you were saying… Big Amma asks. Alka says you asked me to cook. Grand mother says yes, make khichdi, go.

Alka thinks to tell Kavya and Aadi about it. She runs to stop them. They’re gone. Kavya asks Sanjeev to talk to Neena carefully. He tells her not to worry. She says I don’t know about it. He says Adi is falling in love with you again, everything will be fine. He thinks Adi must know about the jacket. Adi calls to know about the jacket. He gets no details. Kavya comes and teases Adi. Adi asks her to go. He says leave me else I will scream. She shows her face. He gets down from the car and says you… She says yes, you don’t recognize me. He says sorry. They argue. He says you go home, I don’t need your help. She says come with me.

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