Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1
Ashika comes to the forest and sees Amrita and Virat. He wonders what they are doing and who pays them.
Bhavani says we don’t want to complain. Virat did nothing. She says we went to a building and goons were downstairs. She says they started beating her. Amrita puts me in a tempo and she goes to help Virat. Ajay says I m sure Babita sent goons.

Virat and Amrita sleep, Ashika looks for them. Virat sees Amrita’s wound. He says it’s getting infected. I will not let anything happen to you. Bhavai says I trust Virat. He will not let anything happen to Amrita. Inspector says our teams are searching for them. Virat says please open your eyes. I can’t see you like this. He covered it with his shirt. Virat says you have high fever. I will not let anything happen to you. He hugs her.

Inspector asks Bhunai where did Virat take you both and why. She says he was trying to help us. He gifted us an apartment in the building. Everyone was shocked. Babtia says wow. Find my son. At any price. She leaves in a rage. Babita comes to her room and cries. She breaks her things in anger. Deepika asks him to calm down. Bebe says I will talk to Virat. Babita says that Virat gifted her a house. Kavita says how can he do this? Wasn’t it mad at Priyanka too? Ajay says Virat is doing all this because he loves Amrita or is planning to destroy her. I don’t know what his plan is. Bebita says I want their destruction. she cries. Kavita gives him water. Babita says I want to be alone. Babita sits alone and cries.

Scene 2
The goons and Ashika keep looking for Virat. Virat listens to the goons. Virat says I have to take Amrita out before it gets dark. Abhira and Virat are leaving the house.

Bhavani prays for both Vrat and Amrita. Babita looks at him angrily. She says don’t worry. Nothing will happen to our children. The police should come back. Bullies hear sirens. Abhiraj sees a piece of Virat’s shirt outside the car. He asks the goons to remove the branches. Babita asks the inspector where is Virat? Someone comes. All are concerned. Abhiraj comes and sees the car. He gets angry. There is none.

Scene 3
Virat brings Amrita home. She has fainted. Everyone panics. Babita asks what happened to him? Ajay says Amrita open your eyes. Babita asks Virat are you fine? He says yes. He is worried for Amrita. Aaji says what did you do with my daughter? Why is he unconscious? He says his food has become infected. We have to call the police. Babita says you are also very injured. Kavita says you are also shirtless. I mean call the doctor. Harsh says we have to give him tetanus. Virat says there were some goons behind us. Someone was giving them directions on the call. Babita asks Dildar to call the doctor. Baby says inspector now write my complaint. Against this girl. All are concerned. He says this girl is very clever. She traps rich people. Aaji says shut up. Ask your Virat where he took Amruta. Virat says enough. At least look at his condition. Let the doctor come and treat him and then you can decide who wants to complain. Babita wonders why Virat always defends Amruta and gives her a house.

Scene 4
Virat sees Amrita sleeping. Babita thinks what happened. He is angry. Amrita is still sleeping. Virat kept his hand on the couch. Bebe says to Babita I am very worried. Baby says open news. Reporters say that Virat was in the forest with a girl in a car shirtless. They posted pictures of Virat and Amrita. Everyone is surprised. Virat says please get a better banker. I’m waiting. Ajay comes there and slaps Virat. She says how dare you touch my amruta? He shows her the news. Virat says what is all this? She doesn’t want any good so I… Aaji says you took advantage of the situation. Virat says no. Aaji asks then what is all this? He says I gave him my shirt. Harsh says how dare you touch my sister. Virat says you are misunderstanding him. I will find out who did all this. He asks Shekhar who took the picture. Ajay says I will get you arrested. You tried to force him. Virat says stop it, please. what are you saying? Ajay says I will send you to jail for 10 years. Now get out of here.

Dildar says Virat can’t do that. Babita says it can’t happen. Shekhar tells them that Ajay is calling the police. Virat asks Ajay to look into my eyes and tell me if I can do it. She says which pictures are these? Why were you so close to him? Virat says she was sick. If I had not given her my shirt, she would have died. Babita says you should have let him die. At least these people

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