Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 17th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 17th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye Doriyaan 17 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1
Virat says the inspector is here to take you to your favorite place. She likes going to jail. He says to arrest her inspector. I told you she’s trespassing in my house. Amrtua says you should arrest me. Get my custom handcuffs made. She smiles. Virat says funny. Are you missing the jail Babita says she has no shame. See this in real life, she has no shame. Amrtua says I’ve done nothing to be ashamed of. Babita says the age at which girls wear bridal bangles they wear handcuffs over and over again. Looks like they are used to it. They know no guy would marry her. So she wears these handcuffs. She says the inspector makes her wear her favorite bracelet.

The inspector comes forward and makes Amruta wear handcuffs. Virat gets mad, and Amruta keeps smiling. Amruta says what’s my crime? He says you’re trespassing in my house. Babita says stop your drama. She says their stuff is on the terrace. Amrtua says let me show you the terrace inspector. The police go to the terrace. Babita says see they brought all their stuff to the terrace. Amrtua says this is society’s property, not yours. Any one of us can use it. This is not trespassing. You wasted the police’s time. Virat says stop fooling the police. Amruta says you’re too clever too fool. Amruta says here are the building laws. Ishika says stop this drama and get out. Jahan says shut up. She shows the documents to the inspector. She says this terrace belongs to society. This flat you bought doesn’t have this terrace included in your sale deed. Anyone can stay here. You are the one who trespassed on the terrace and forcefully made a public property yours. She shows it to the inspector. Babita says what rubbish. Jahan says this is the truth. Jahan says you’re the ones who broke the law not us. Amruta says so you should be going to jail. Your interior decorator might have told you to include it in your house. Your family thinks they can take whatever they want.

She says they should be arrested. Virat says shut up. This isn’t right. The inspector says I will call the DMC and whoever broke the law will be punished. Abhiraj says yes please find out. And we’ve not issues with Amrtua’s family living here. Virat says you don’t need to interfere. Dildar says Amruta and her family can live here. We will resolve it. Virat says no one would go anywhere. Arrest her, please. I can also get such papers made. Abhiraj says listen. He says to stay out of it. Virat says if you can’t do anything I will kick her out. He holds Amruta’s hand and drags out. Amruta looks at the handcuff in his hand. She says well done. Now you also have a handcuff. If I go to jail you’ll have to go with me as well. Because we are tied.

Ishika says to Bhavani are you crazy? Stop messing with Ahuja’s. I am here because of Jay. They’re not ordinary people. DO you wanna go to jail again? Apologize to them and go. You can’t mess with them. Bhavani says you speak such rubbish. Go and cook food for Jay. it’s his time to eat. Or is he cooking for you? Then go and eat. You always interfere in places that aren’t yours. Ishika says shut up. Ishika says Babita ji they don’t understand things take an action. How can they trespass in your house? Bhavani says didn’t you trespass in my house and life? You came without my consent either. You’re the most shameless person here. She takes out her slipper. Ishika runs.

Virat says stop it. Amruta says you started it. Amruta says you forced me to do all this. She says I want to go away from you. He says then why did you come to your terrace? Are you in love with me that you always come close to me? She says, of course, you give me so many reasons. I hate you. He says you can hate me but I didn’t take your house. You can hate me. I don’t love you either. Her eye inches. Virat gets worried for her and checks her eyes. Virat says it was dust. If I didn’t take it out how would you stare? I would be blamed if anything happened to you. he tries to move. Amruta falls on him.

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