Jhanak 5th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 5th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Jhanak Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Jhanak performing a dance routine. Anirudh watches her with a smile, while Choton observes Anirudh. The director and choreographer praise Jhanak’s performance. After the shot, everyone applauds. Arshi comments on how big brands choose new faces, implying Jhanak isn’t attractive enough. Bipasha mentions that they were anxious and asked Anirudh to arrange something, fearing for his job if things go wrong. Arshi relays this information to Shrishti, who is surprised that Anirudh didn’t inform her earlier. Arshi suspects there might be some pressure involved. Shrishti wonders why Anirudh didn’t consider Arshi’s feelings. Arshi contemplates if someone influenced the decision and questions Anirudh’s involvement.

Arshi instructs Shrishti to find out where the photoshoot is taking place since Anirudh isn’t at home. Shrishti agrees, expressing her curiosity about the situation. Meanwhile, Anirudh decides to leave, but Choton insists he stays to watch Jhanak’s performance, emphasizing how significant this ad shoot is for her. Anirudh downplays its importance, but Choton urges him to act normal. Anirudh then fetches juice for Jhanak, suggesting she takes a break as she hasn’t had lunch and has been working since morning. Choton is concerned about Anirudh’s attachment to Jhanak and fears how he’ll cope when Jhanak eventually leaves. As Anirudh tries to give Jhanak the juice, she declines, stating it’s too cold for her. Anirudh insists, revealing he brought it specifically for her comfort. However, Jhanak refuses, citing discomfort with special treatment. This leads to a tense moment between them.

Arshi and Shrishti arrive and witness the interaction. Arshi questions Anirudh’s presence there, surprised that the maid is now a heroine. Choton explains that Jhanak was chosen because of her performance at the office event. Arshi probes further, asking why Anirudh is there. Anirudh claims he brought food for Choton. Arshi and Shrishti’s suspicions increase as they inquire about Anirudh’s involvement. Jhanak interjects, revealing she didn’t want to come but felt pressured by Anirudh. Anirudh dismisses her claims, but Jhanak stands her ground, insisting she wasn’t given a choice. Arshi and Shrishti demand answers from Anirudh, who tries to explain the situation. Tensions rise as they argue about the circumstances surrounding Jhanak’s involvement in the shoot. The clients’ arrival adds further pressure, leaving Anirudh worried about the consequences.

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