Jhanak 5th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 5th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Jhanak Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Jhanak remembering Tejas’ words and scolding Anirudh. Anirudh suggests she not make the mistake of going with Tejas and offers her the option to stay in a hostel if she doesn’t want to be at home. A man questions Anirudh about troubling the girl. Tejas, however, lies to the men, accusing Anirudh of kidnapping Jhanak. Anirudh defends himself, stating Tejas is a liar and dangerous. He urges Jhanak to tell the truth. Tejas insists that she admit it.

Meanwhile, Shubh and Tanuja scold Anjana and ask her to take Appu away. Appu, aware of their hostility, refers to them as devils who ousted Jhanak. Shubh slaps Appu, but Anjana intervenes to protect her. Jhanak pleads for them to stop. Anirudh and Tejas press Jhanak to reveal the truth, stating that the people will help her. Anirudh emphasizes how far he has come for her sake. However, Jhanak insists they stop.

Anirudh argues with the people while Tejas questions Jhanak about her husband. Anirudh asks her to say the truth, and Bablu points out another instance of Appu being slapped. Amidst the chaos, Shubh scolds Bablu, and Anjana suggests staying despite the hostility. Bipasha argues with Anjana, and Jhanak refuses to provide an answer. Anirudh pleads with Jhanak to tell the truth, but she remains silent. The people scold Anirudh, and Tejas insists on leaving.

Anirudh expresses his desire to hear the truth from Jhanak. Tejas dismisses it as drama and urges Jhanak to come. Despite Anirudh’s persistence, Jhanak refuses to answer. The people scold Anirudh, and Tejas asks Jhanak to leave. Anirudh holds Jhanak’s hand, but she stops him and asks him to go away. She questions how he dares to hold her hand. Anirudh insists that she doesn’t put herself in danger and should come with him. Jhanak asserts that she is going by her own wish. Shubh apologizes for the behavior.

Meanwhile, Tanuja reassures Shrishti that Tejas is with Jhanak for work. Tanuja trusts that Arshi will come home as their Lakshmi, and Arshi expresses her distrust in Anirudh. Jhanak tells Anirudh to stop following her and accuses him of ruining her life. Tejas suggests going to the police, claiming Anirudh is harassing his wife. The people get angry, but Jhanak stops them, stating it’s their matter. Tejas warns Jhanak that he won’t accept any insult and expresses his desire to keep her as his Rani.

Later, Arshi tells Tanuja that Anirudh went to get Jhanak, but Tanuja insists that Jhanak has no place in their home. Shrishti questions whether Anirudh will listen, and Tanuja expresses confidence in his understanding. Arshi is doubtful, and Shubh believes Anirudh will listen to her. Shrishti questions why he would, and Arshi mentions that Anirudh isn’t answering her calls. Shrishti suggests talking to him to resolve the matter, but Tanuja insists that Jhanak has no place there. Arshi expresses doubt in Anirudh, and Jhanak, addressing him, says, “Let me go, stop following me.” Tejas suggests they head to the police and accuses Anirudh of harassing his wife. Jhanak stops the people and says it’s their matter. Tejas warns Jhanak not to underestimate him, claiming he doesn’t know what he is capable of.

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