Jhanak 4th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 4th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Tejas grabbing Jhanak’s hand and taunting her. Jhanak is visibly worried as Tejas informs her that she will now stay with him since she failed to find a place for herself elsewhere. Despite her arguments, Tejas threatens her, and Jhanak resolves not to let him use her, even if it means facing dire consequences.

Meanwhile, Chotan suggests that Anirudh check the bus stops while he goes to the train station in search of Jhanak. Anirudh speeds on his bike, searching for Jhanak and checking the buses. Tejas notices Jhanak’s distress and reveals Anirudh’s presence to her. He tells her that Anirudh is her husband and threatens to shoot him if she doesn’t get rid of him.

Anirudh receives a call from Chotan, who informs him about not finding Jhanak. Anirudh acknowledges the situation and rushes on his bike to find her. Meanwhile, on the bus, Tejas continues to manipulate Jhanak, warning her about the consequences if she doesn’t comply. They eventually get off the bus.

At a dhaba, Anirudh arrives and calls out for Jhanak. Jhanak, distressed, sees Tejas with a revolver. Shrishti criticizes Anirudh for not handling the situation earlier, blaming him for Jhanak leaving. Arshi shares that Anirudh left after Jhanak. Shubh expresses his disapproval of Anirudh getting involved in such matters.

Anirudh pleads with Jhanak to come with him and assures her that he will find a solution. However, Jhanak, fearing for Anirudh’s safety, scolds him and claims she is willingly going home with Tejas. Tejas arrives and mocks Anirudh for secretly marrying Jhanak. Tejas taunts Anirudh for not being able to protect Jhanak. Anirudh, shocked, tries to convince Jhanak to come with him, but Tejas intervenes, blocking their path.

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