Jhanak 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Jhanak 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Lal and Bipasha receiving gifts from Shreshti. Tanuja asks Shoubh to wear the sherwani she bought for him. They see the gifts and smile. Shreshti asks Vinayak to hurry. She taunts him that he has an ego and he never listens to her. Arshi was worried. Vinayak says you know I am from a normal family, my mother struggled to educate me, my father died in my childhood. Shreshti argues with him. She asks him to maintain his standard in the society. She says Arshi and me have high profile status. He says so what. Arshi says you are master of your field. He says this world is big, there are many talented and intelligent people, I don’t want to pretend, it’s not a crime to do so. He says talking to you is useless.

Shobh thanks the men for bringing gifts. Bipasha says mummy is not here, so I feel bad. Tanuja says we will check gifts. Bipasha calls Anjana. Anjana sees gifts. Tanuja says we should learn something from Shreshti. Shubh says yes, you send four of these things, this is my Anirudh’s marriage. Lal says you are amazing. Tanuja asks Anjana to see the gifts. Anjana says yes, she got a good son in law, he is also rich, can send expensive gifts. Shreshti says I have made the guest lists. Arshi says I have sent invitations to my friends. Shreshti says you want to call your colleagues. Vinayak says no, you must have called my family. She says no, your brothers are not successful. She comments on her family. He says it means you didn’t invite them. She says they are struggling in life now, let them come to marriage. He says you mean you won’t invite them if they can’t afford expensive gifts. She says I thought for their betterment. He says that if they find out about this ritual, they will come and get a nice gift. She says yes, you send money to their family, you thought I don’t know.

Rumi saw the gifts. Tanuja asks Anjana to keep the peephole. Shubh says you always defend Janak. Anjana says Bablu took Appu out today. They argue. Anjana says we are in no position to give any expensive gifts, so I don’t like to receive gifts. Vinayak says it is my responsibility to support my family. Shreshti says help a little, will you help them for life.

He says you only love your money. Arshi says papa call your family. He says no Arshi, I just wanted to know what your mom wants. Anirudh comes down and sees the gifts. Bipasha says they should expect us to wear these clothes. She gives gifts to Anjana and Bablu. Anjana says it is a fancy saree. Vinayak and Shreshti argue.

Arshi says you call your mom here. He only asks mom, not my sisters. Shreshti says no, I don’t like her. He asks who are you to comment on my mom, did you do anything for her, you didn’t give her love. Shreshti says I did not let Arshi near her. He asks her to shut up. Everyone loves gifts. Bipasha says that she has also sent a gift for the little one.

Romi asks for her gift. Bipasha says it is for Romi and Mimi. Romi checks Mimi’s dress and likes it. She says mummy’s dress is more beautiful. Tanuja says you can’t wear her dress. Romi says I can change the stickers. Anirudh says no, I will tell him. Shub says be happy with what you get. Tanuja says she has sent gifts for everyone. Anirudh says that he should not be biased and send suitable gifts to everyone. Bipasha says everyone got gifts like they always wear. Anjana says don’t feel bad Aini. He likes Anirudh’s clothes.

Bipasha checks the jewelery and says it is very nice. They get a gift for peeking. Bipasha asked where is the peek? Anirudh says she has gone to the bank. Tanuja says I don’t know how long we can handle it. Anirudh says not long, I have decided something, I will tell everyone, she can’t stay here forever, she will go on her own to move on, she might have held someone’s hand. .

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