Jhanak 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 29th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The Episode starts with Tanuja asking Jhanak to serve the welcome drinks to the guests. Shubh asks about the food. Jhanak says I m making it. Bipasha asks her not to get lazy. Anjana says sorry, I couldn’t help you this time, I didn’t get time, you are unwell, and you need to do the work. Appu comes and says Jhanak made me ready. She sees Rumi and Mimi. She says I want to apply lipstick like them. They ask her not to copy them. Jhanak says you don’t need it, you just go and perform well, all the best. Anjana says you would also wish to come, you dance so well, but they gave you work and got you stuck, I would have taken you if I could, one day, thousands of people will come to see your performance. Tanuja asks what a joke.

Chotan says I will come soon, you all go. They leave. Chotan looks at Jhanak. Anirudh welcomes everyone to the annual fest. He welcomes the pride of the nation, Brijbhushan. He thanks him for coming.

Anirudh says Arshi and Shrishti’s dance performance is the highlight today. Arshi and Shrishti come there. Anirudh says two new faces will be introduced today in the special segment, one is a special child and the other one’s name is a secret, we don’t know if that artist will perform or not, you will see special performances today.

Anjana asks Appu not to trouble anyone. Appu asks did you get my food. Anjana says yes. Bablu asks Appu not to waste this chance and sing well. She asks about Jhanak. Anirudh proceeds with the function. Chotan comes to Jhanak and asks did you keep everything. She packs the bag. She says I m scared. He says clothes and ghungroo make you pretty, your courage makes you the most beautiful, come. Anirudh invites Arshi on the stage. Arshi invites on Nainowalon ne…. Anirudh smiles. Everyone claps for Arshi. The lady asks Appu to come with her and get ready. Appu says no, I won’t go if Jhanak doesn’t come. Shubh says she will do a drama, she will shout and insult Anirudh. Appu says I won’t go. Lal says its happening because of Anirudh. Bipasha says Anirudh doesn’t listen. Rumi and Mimi ask Appu to go and get ready if she has to sing. Bablu says I will take you home, Appu. Appu says I won’t go anywhere if Jhanak doesn’t come. Shrishti says Arshi, are you sure that girl won’t come here, if I see Jhanak, then I won’t perform. Arshi says relax, she attempted suicide yesterday, she can’t come here to perform, she would be cooking at home right now, don’t worry, she won’t come. Shrishti says I m doing this for you, Anirudh just thought about you, Jhanak is taking your place. Appu says I won’t sing. Anjana takes her. Tanuja says she will make a fun of the program. Bablu says Appu sings well. Mimi asks what will be do if she doesn’t sing. Shrishti says he is hiding things, his loyalty is getting low, all the best, remember you are performing with Shrishti Mukherjee. Arshi says I m performing with my mum. Anirudh comes and says your performance is going to happen, its after the new segment. Shrishti says I will leave after my performance.

Arshi asks who is the second artist, Appu is singing. Chotan and Jhanak are on the way. Anirudh says it’s a surprise, let it be a surprise, Arshi. Shrishti says its okay, it will be a small chance for new faces. Arshi says I know. Shubh taunts Bablu. Bablu says I m Appu’s father, and I feel bad hearing this about her. The performances go on. Anirudh says I will go, shall I send coffee or tea. Shrishti says no, just water. He says sure, everyone has come, I will send water. He gets Chotan’s call and goes. Arshi says I will just come. He asks where are you, how can you get late. Chotan says we are reaching, don’t worry. Anirudh says Appu is saying she won’t sing if Jhanak doesn’t come, I will get insulted if Appu doesn’t sing. Chotan says we are reaching. Anirudh turns and sees Arshi. She asks him about the call. He says Appu doesn’t want to sing. She says you were saying about Jhanak, right. He says she said she won’t sing without Jhanak. She asks why do you take risk with your work, I told you, it’s a wrong decision, Appu is moody, you will get blamed and the situation will get embarrassing if she doesn’t sing, you can’t get Jhanak here to please Appu, ask her to perform for her mom. He says we will talk later. He hugs her and says all the best. He goes to the entrance to pick Jhanak.

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