Jhanak 25th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 25th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode commences with Jhanak expressing her grievances to Chotan, accusing him of deceit for bringing her to the current situation against her will. Chotan, attempting to pacify her, reveals that he had spoken to Anirudh. Jhanak, rejecting any help, asserts her desire for freedom. Chotan advises her not to dwell on people who don’t matter and encourages her to trust herself, assuring that her day of triumph will come. Anirudh suggests leaving, prompting Arshi to question the abrupt departure, given Anirudh’s prior commitment of an hour. Anirudh, preoccupied with work, declines food, leading to a disagreement with Arshi about his apparent tension and focus on Jhanak’s life.

Anirudh pays the bill and, amid arguments, proposes taking responsibility for Jhanak due to her husband’s unavailability. Arshi insists that Jhanak can handle herself, expressing indifference to the potential dangers. Anirudh tries to reassure her, but Arshi leaves angrily. Jhanak recalls Brij’s unsettling words, and Anirudh calls Chotan, inquiring about their departure. Chotan shares Jhanak’s distress over Guru ji’s remarks but remains oblivious to the details. Anirudh suggests meeting at a nearby restaurant, emphasizing a need for a conversation. Jhanak confronts Anirudh, accusing him of betrayal and expressing her reluctance to follow his instructions. Anirudh, shocked, inquires about the situation, and Jhanak alludes to potential harm she may face. Anirudh reassures her, urging her to stick to her resolve and be prepared for the future.

Meanwhile, Arshi discovers Jhanak’s earring during dance rehearsals and questions Brij about it. Brij dismisses it, claiming it could belong to any student. Anirudh, determined to go to the office, faces further arguments with Jhanak, observed by Shubh. Brij encounters Arshi, who reveals her suspicions about the earring belonging to Jhanak. Brij deflects her concerns, and Jhanak, anxious about the impending lies, discusses the need to deceive others with Chotan. Anirudh offers to drop them home, but Jhanak remains skeptical. Arshi informs Brij about her conversation with Anirudh, leading Brij to suggest expediting Arshi’s marriage to Anirudh. Arshi affirms their love and plans for a quick wedding, while Brij contemplates Anirudh’s involvement with Jhanak.

Back at home, family members discuss the complex relationship between Anirudh and Jhanak. Anirudh reveals a fabricated plot involving Tejas planning to kidnap Jhanak and Rahul. Jhanak denies labeling Rahul as her boyfriend, but Anirudh remains unconcerned, emphasizing his commitment to her safety. Chotan attempts to mediate the situation, urging Jhanak to return home. Anirudh, feeling misunderstood, laments the sacrifices he has made. The episode ends with family members coping with the aftermath of the dramatic events.

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