Jhanak 25th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 25th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Jhanak Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Shubh suggesting they focus on their meals rather than Jhanak’s stories. After the elders finish eating, Jhanak leaves with Appu. Shrishti approaches Anirudh, urging him to speak up and not leave all the answers to Jhanak. Arshi and Shrishti press Anirudh for a response. Anirudh explains that he wasn’t aware Jhanak was the attendant when he first arrived home. Shrishti questions why he didn’t react upon discovering Jhanak’s identity. Anirudh admits he’s still coping with stress from his accident. Shubh acknowledges the ordeal Anirudh went through during his operation. Anirudh expresses his anger and acknowledges Arshi’s role in saving him. Lal wonders why Jhanak made such claims and why Anirudh didn’t respond. Anirudh insists he doesn’t want to engage with Jhanak. Arshi and Bipasha express their relief that Anirudh finally realizes the situation. Anirudh laments the strain on his relationship with Arshi due to Jhanak’s presence, expressing his desire to resolve the situation. Shrishti demands answers from Anirudh about Jhanak’s claims. Anirudh suggests that Jhanak’s husband may have changed his number and could get arrested at any time, implying Jhanak is aware of the situation. Arshi asks if Jhanak truly married Rahul, and Anirudh confirms this. Bipasha suggests they avoid discussing Jhanak further, and Anirudh states he no longer supports her. Arshi questions when they’ll be rid of Jhanak, and Anirudh asks for time to navigate the situation without legal repercussions. Shrishti insists Arshi won’t begin her new life until Jhanak is gone. Anirudh emphasizes the difference between Arshi and Jhanak’s statuses in the family, claiming Jhanak is just a maid. Arshi expresses frustration with Jhanak, and Shubh calls for a solution. Anirudh promises to resolve the issue, and Tanuja stresses the importance of keeping Jhanak away from Anirudh. Shrishti vows to speak to Rahul to determine Jhanak’s future at their home. Anirudh assures her that Jhanak won’t stay forever. Jhanak returns, and Anirudh assures Arshi of his love before noticing Jhanak’s presence. Shrishti points out Jhanak’s arrival, and Jhanak clarifies she’s there to retrieve her glasses. Anirudh reflects on Jhanak’s feelings and their strained relationship. Jhanak leaves to return the glasses to Dadi, with Choton noticing her distress. He tries to comfort her, but she insists on going back to her mother. She shares her feelings of helplessness and insists that Anirudh doesn’t truly understand her plight. Choton expresses his belief in her future success despite her current struggles. Jhanak acknowledges his support but feels disillusioned with her circumstances. Meanwhile, Anirudh plans a themed outfit change with Arshi. Arshi expresses concern over Choton’s interest in Jhanak, prompting Anirudh to warn Choton against engaging with her. Anirudh emphasizes Jhanak’s status as a maid and vows to deal with her presence until he finds a solution. Jhanak is left in tears.

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