Jhanak 24th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 24th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode commences with Brij instructing Jhanak on dance moves, and Arshi enters the scene, spotting Anirudh. Anirudh, surprised to see her, explains that he came to invite Brij for an event. Arshi suggests they should have come together, but Anirudh, in a hurry, dismisses the idea. Anirudh worries about the situation, fearing that if Arshi sees Jhanak, complications may arise. He contemplates how to handle the situation, as Jhanak might refuse to participate in the event, disrupting his plans. Despite Arshi’s inquiries, Anirudh conceals his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Jhanak dances while Brij observes. Jhanak acknowledges Brij’s talent but decides not to consider him her Guru ji. Anirudh, feeling the need to share something with Arshi, persuades her to listen and promise to trust him. She agrees, and he hesitates, claiming he’s hungry and suggests they go out for food. Arshi questions the sudden plan, and Anirudh attempts to divert her, fearing that if she discovers Jhanak, the event might be jeopardized. Brij reflects on Jhanak’s talent but refuses to accept her due to societal prejudices.

During their conversation, Arshi accuses Anirudh of being distant and divided in his time. Anirudh, attempting to cover up his actions, apologizes and insists they go out for a meal. Arshi, sticking to her preference for a five-star hotel, eventually agrees to accompany him for a short break. Brij confronts Jhanak, expressing his reluctance to accept her due to societal norms. Jhanak, however, vows never to return, believing that one day she’ll be in a position of power.

Anirudh and Arshi arrive at a café, where Anirudh makes a call to Chotan, instructing him to remove Jhanak from the situation. Anirudh then apologizes to Arshi, who suggests they order food. Brij, in the meantime, continues to insult Jhanak, declaring her to be nothing compared to the talents of Arshi and Shrishti. He warns Jhanak to stay away from Anirudh, threatening dire consequences if she hurts Arshi or Shrishti.

Chotan calls Anirudh, who lies to Arshi about work commitments. Brij intensifies his verbal assault on Jhanak, warning her to distance herself from Anirudh. Jhanak, defiant, leaves the scene.

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