Jhanak 24th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 24th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Jhanak Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The Episode starts with Shrishti talking to everyone. She says this is my daughter’s Sasural. Dada asks her to have food. She says I m conscious about my diet, I avoid outside food and sweets, I asked Arshi to make sacrifices for progressing her career, I will go now. Anirudh asks Arshi to stay back. Bipasha and Lal tell about the game show. He says I won’t participate, if I lose then I have to give a gift. Anirudh asks why, learn from Dada and Dadi. Dada says we used to watch a movie on valentines day. They all laugh. Bipasha says everyone has to participate in the game show, Anirudh and Arshi’s friends are also coming. Anirudh asks where are Appu and that girl. Arshi asks why are you asking. He says we have to be careful until she is here. Tanuja says she has become a burden on us. Shrishti says he is right, she is very clever, she won’t dare to do anything. He says I don’t want to take a chance, if she takes sleeping pills like the last time, then it will be police case against us. Shubh says he is right. Anirudh says we have to keep an eye on her, Choton, will you call her. Choton says no, I don’t agree with you, I won’t take your order. Dadi asks what. Choton says yes, Bablu and I aren’t clever, so we aren’t successful like Shubh, we are good to be fools.

Anirudh asks Choton to have food. He says I m not hungry. Anjana asks him to have food, else Bablu will also not have food. Shubh taunts Bablu. Anjana asks Bablu to have food, else Appu won’t eat food. He says I won’t let her die of hunger until I m alive. Anjana says we feel this house isn’t ours, we have no right to stay here, we should stay in some hut according to our earning, its been many years, how long will we become a burden on Shubh. Dadi says he gets angry on Appu, he isn’t bad hearted, he is doing this for family, he earns more and he is more successful, we have respect in the society because of him, what are you saying about leaving. Lal says I won’t leave this house. Tanuja says yes, you are like Ani for me. Bipasha says we will stay here. Bablu says I don’t remember Lal is my son, why would I think of you.

Appu sings. She says Jhanak, you never showed me your husband’s pic. Jhanak says don’t say this. Appu says you are angry, Anirudh scolded you, he has changed, he loved you before. Jhanak says no, he never loved me, you won’t understand, did you have food. Appu says no, I will not eat if you don’t eat. Jhanak says you have to take medicines. Appu says I want to die. Jhanak says don’t say that. Appu asks didn’t you see how Kaku held my hand, I m older than Lal, my dad doesn’t have money, so Kaku tells bad things to him. Jhanak says your mum and dad love you a lot, don’t say that. Appu says Anirudh doesn’t love me and you, he just takes Arshi’s name. Jhanak says don’t say that. Bablu says Appu is sick. Shubh says I would have done this if my daughter did this. Anjana says you don’t regard Appu your daughter, she eats food by your earning, so you think you have a right to beat her. Shrishti says Jhanak tried to kill Anirudh, he takes care of Appu. Bablu asks Anjana to serve the food. Vinayak asks him to sit and have food. Anirudh says Rumi, call Appu and her caretaker, we have big event in 2 days, I don’t want any problem, Appu needs Jhanak. Anjana says no, I will explain Jhanak not to look after Appu. He says we will pay her accordingly. Arshi says I will pay her, don’t refuse. Choton says so officially, everyone made her a maid. Anirudh asks what else is she. Choton says I don’t have anything to say.

Rumi asks Appu and Jhanak to come. Jhanak says you can take Appu downstairs, Anjana will feed her. Rumi says you have to do the work here, Anirudh said he will pay money, you are a maid, we have much work. Jhanak says you are wasting your time, I was going, you all stopped me here. Appu argues with Rumi. She takes Jhanak downstairs. She asks Anjana to give them food. Anjana asks Jhanak to have food with Appu. Dadi asks her to join them. Bipasha says we have to prepare for next program. Anjana asks Choton to sit. Choton says I don’t want to have food. Anjana says have some food. Anirudh says there is place here, sit here. Choton asks why, is it now allowed to sit there. Shrishti asks will the owners sit with the servant. Choton says I will have food here, I don’t see Jhanak like your perception. Jhanak says I don’t want to have food. Anirudh says eat, else you will fall weak, you will get sick and put burden on us. Shrishti says we have to get embarrassed because of her. She turns and scolds Jhanak. She asks about Jhanak’s husband. Anirudh says I will try. Jhanak says no need to try, no one will pick the call, Anirudh will answer us.

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