Jhanak 21st January 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 21st January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Arshi declaring that she won’t perform if Jhanak takes the stage. She mentions returning the advance to Bipasha. Bipasha tries to calm Arshi down, suggesting that it’s just a guess and not confirmed. Tanuja intervenes, advising Arshi to indirectly inquire about the new face from Anirudh to identify the culprit. Arshi agrees and decides to confront Anirudh about it, expressing her unwillingness to forgive him if he’s involved. Bipasha and Tanuja contemplate the fun that can be had by giving Jhanak additional household chores and ensuring she doesn’t step out.

Tanuja shows Dadi some jewelry, and Dadi admires its beauty. Appu, excited, asks to see it as well. Shubh jokes about Appu’s enthusiasm for everything and wonders what she will do at the party. Appu expresses her desire to wear such jewelry for her own wedding. Bipasha teases her, saying it’s just a dream. Bablu mentions his financial constraints but promises to get silver jewelry for Appu. Anjana scolds Bipasha.

Tanuja takes the opportunity to taunt Anjana and questions her inability to be happy for Anirudh. Anjana insists they are happy for Anirudh’s marriage. Dadi tries to change the topic, and Tanuja reveals the real diamonds necklace and bangles to Bipasha. Bipasha informs everyone that Jhanak has not yet arrived. When Jhanak finally arrives with clothes boxes, Bipasha stops Anjana from helping her and instructs Jhanak to be careful. Chotan and Shubh comment on Arshi’s limited wardrobe choices for the party. Tanuja defends the multiple options, stating they want Arshi to choose what she likes. Bipasha continues to make things difficult for Jhanak with Tanuja’s silent approval. Jhanak displays different sarees, and the family admires the collection.

Chotan questions the need for so many clothes for a single function, and Tanuja responds with a taunt. Bipasha encourages the family to provide Arshi with various options. The scene turns playful, and Tanuja insists that Arshi will wear what she likes. Bipasha signals Jhanak to cause more trouble. Jhanak showcases lehengas, and Shubh praises the selection. Appu comments on Jhanak being turned into a hanger. Dadi appreciates the clothes, but Shubh emphasizes that Arshi has her own style. Appu expresses her desire to follow tradition by wearing a saree, and Anjana scolds her. Tanuja, teasingly, accuses Anjana of jealousy and emphasizes their extensive shopping for Arshi. Bipasha adds a comment about Lal being Tanuja’s son, and Tanuja and Shubh share a smile. Bablu intervenes, stating that Bipasha doesn’t need to feel bad as she is not like Arshi. Chotan calls for an end to the argument and leaves for work. Tanuja questions Chotan’s work, and Bipasha taunts him about still being in the same job after a year.

Anirudh enters and addresses the ongoing family dispute. He points out that everyone is responsible for Chotan’s situation, engaging him in household tasks and preventing him from focusing on his life. Appu defends Chotan, stating that everyone is scolding him. Anirudh speaks in Chotan’s favor, highlighting his good-hearted nature and love for the family. He encourages the family to think twice before making accusations. Anirudh then shifts the focus to the good news—his office is hosting a cultural event, and he has nominated Appu to participate in the new talent segment. Appu joyfully hugs Anirudh, and Shubh expresses disbelief at the idea. Tanuja questions who the other participant is, and Anirudh keeps it a secret, citing company policy. Anjana rejects the idea, but Anirudh argues that Appu is his sister, and he has the right to make such decisions. Bipasha hints at the other participant, and Tanuja insists on an answer. Anirudh keeps it a secret and announces that the family can find out during the event.

Tanuja calls Shyam and informs him about their plans to attend the event on Sunday, followed by dinner. She assigns Jhanak the task of helping Shyam. Anirudh subtly signals Jhanak. Chotan questions how Jhanak will go to the event, and Shubh mocks the idea of the maid attending an event instead of handling household work. Anirudh intervenes, stating that Jhanak will perform at the event, and it’s his responsibility to take her there.

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