Jhanak 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Jhanak 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Anirudh thinking that the pandit might have tied the jhanak with the same color thread. Everyone starts asking peeps. Janak says pooja was done there, pandit tied this thread on my hand and others too. Arshi says it is strange that both of you have the same yellow thread. Anirudh says it is normal. Arshi replied angrily. She asks did you go to the shooting of Jahanak? Anirudh says I already told you, why are you asking me. Arshi asked Janhak to remove the thread. Janak asks why, you ask Anirudh to remove it. She argues with them. Doubt says enough, you don’t need to argue. She says I want to know why Anirudh was not asked to do this. Bipasha says she is always rude. Arshi says I will remove Molly. Janak asks why, because we are wearing the same molly.

They ask him to remove it. Janak says ask Anirudh to remove it. Anirudh says ok, I am removing it. He pushes Molly away and says you all don’t talk to him, anything else. Tanuja says you have thrown out pure molly. She scolds Janak. Jaanak says you are worried for her, not me, no one can force me to remove Molly. She argues with Arshi. Arshi yelled at him.

She says see, you can use your power or not, Anirudh has removed his mauli, now it is your turn. Janak says I am helpless, but not weak, what do you want to prove, do you think Anirudh and I are related? Arshi shouted. Janak says tell me if you all believe this, but I don’t, so I won’t remove this radish.

At home Shreshti ends the call. Arshi asks when Bharat Mama and family are coming. Shreshti says things are tough there, Tejas has threatened India, he can do anything, things are tense. Arshi says I hope Tejas won’t win election, else he will make our life difficult. Shrishti says if Tejas wins, he will take Janak, he is in my team. Arshi defends Anirudh. Janak comes to Anirudh’s room. She asks for bank documents. He angrily throws it at her. She is shocked. Arshi remembers Janak’s words. She says Janak has actually done it. Shreshti asks, how dare he? Arshi says I was going to remove her mowali, which was also worn by Anirudh. Shreshti says it means they were together. Arshi says no. She tells him everything. Shreshti says they are lying, you support Anirudh, who has spent the night with a maid. Arshi says no she is not lying. Shrishti says I am giving you an ultimatum, ask Anirudh to break all ties with Janak. Arshi says I trust him, he was not with Janak. Janak and Anirudh start arguing.

Janak says you can talk to me well, what is wrong if I asked what is mine, you think your behavior is fine, do I deserve it? Anirudh says you are very bad. She says ok, then do what you have to do, why don’t you keep a bad guy in your house. Shrishti says you always defend Anirudh, I wish you never meet him, you are repeating the same mistake. Anirudh taunts Janak about Aditya. He says you should be ashamed of yourself. Jhank says you are talking obnoxious, you should be ashamed of it, you think you are educated and intelligent, you understand my meaning, sorry for coming and wasting your time, I am going to bank. You can tell the family. This. He says I am not your guardian. She says I have no guardian. He says take care of your problem, you tell them. She says you brought me here, so it is my responsibility to tell you, I work in your house. He asks did I treat you like a maid? She says maybe not, but always reminded me of it. He says you are talking big. He insults her. She taunts him back. He says family is fine then go otherwise can’t go. She says I am not daughter-in-law of your house so I will stop here. He says Aditya has made you human in one night. She scolds him.

They argue. He says you don’t study, I told you to give exam. She says think about your life, focus on your marriage, you are thinking about your maid’s education, you are not responsible for my life. He asks if Aditya is responsible. She says no I am responsible for this, you have stopped me here, else I would have gone back, everyday I am insulted, you know I remember your favors, I am stuck here, do I have self respect. Or your favor, the day my self-respect wins, no one can stop me, I will leave this house forever.

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