Jhanak 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 1st March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Jhanak Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Shubh mentioning that Jhanak will leave soon. Rinki remarks it’s good they got a free maid. Appu gets upset. Bipasha comments that although Jhanak works well, she also creates a lot of drama. Lal agrees, saying it’s risky to have any girl at home. Appu wants to say something, but Shubh signals Anjana to intervene. Anjana holds Appu and he expresses his anger, saying Jhanak isn’t just a maid, she’s his friend and she dances well. Shubh tells Anjana to stop Appu. Rinki reminds everyone of the recent office program where Appu sang well and Jhanak danced well. She warns that if Jhanak leaves, they might regret it. Bipasha agrees, saying Jhanak could use Anirudh to become a dancer. Anirudh suggests they leave as they’re getting late. A lady blesses Anirudh, while Arshi checks his call log.

Arshi notices calls from home on Anirudh’s phone and thinks Jhanak might have called. She wonders if he ignored the calls because of her. The lady blesses Arshi. Dadi invites them to a party, and Rinki mentions upcoming events like the announcement party, engagement, and marriage. Anirudh talks about becoming united as a family. Arshi questions him about the calls, suspecting they’re from Jhanak. Anirudh denies knowing about the calls and reassures Arshi of his commitment. Bipasha suggests that Jhanak’s calls might be important, but Anirudh insists he has no interest in her. Arshi believes him and they head home.

At home, Arshi demands to know why Jhanak called Anirudh. Bipasha confirms Jhanak called twice from the landline. Jhanak arrives and reveals she was with Dadu. Arshi questions her about the calls, and Tejas recalls his encounter with Jhanak, threatening her for trying to break Arshi’s marriage. Anirudh demands an explanation from Jhanak, but she insists it was an emergency related to him and everyone. Tejas accuses her of causing trouble and throws her belongings. Jhanak clarifies she didn’t call for herself, but for everyone’s sake.

Dadu arrives and reveals that Jhanak saved his life. Everyone is shocked. He praises Jhanak’s quick thinking and sensibility. Dr. Batra corroborates the story, commending Jhanak’s bravery. He advises Anirudh not to leave Dadu alone at home. Dadu scolds everyone for doubting Jhanak. Appu defends Jhanak, criticizing Anirudh for not answering her calls. Dr. Batra acknowledges Jhanak’s talent and bravery, offering his fees as a dedication to her. He advises Dadu to take care of his health. Anirudh acknowledges Jhanak’s goodness and courage, realizing that protecting her is important.

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