Jhanak 19th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 19th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Shrishti distributing gifts to everyone and engaging in sweet conversation. Appu jokingly asks if she forgot his gift, and Shrishti reassures him that she didn’t. She presents him with a cute skirt, encouraging him to wear it to the party and look good. Bablu comments that they provide comfortable clothes according to his status. Appu asserts that he always looks pretty. Shrishti then hands out gifts to others, including a suit for Shubh, who jokes about wearing it at his son’s wedding. Shrishti saves a special gift for Anirudh, who thanks her. Jhanak, standing nearby, is referred to as a maid by Shrishti.

Anirudh inquires about Shyam’s whereabouts, and when Anirudh corrects Shrishti for calling Jhanak a maid, Shrishti justifies it by stating that Jhanak will face consequences for her deeds. She hands clothes to Shyam and instructs him to wear them to the party. Vinayak emphasizes that Jhanak is family, not a servant, and Shrishti mentions that everyone, including the servants, must attend the party. When Arshi insults Jhanak, Shrishti insists that everyone, including the servants, should attend the party.

Shubh assures they will bring the servants to the party. Anirudh asks Arshi to come, but she indicates that her mom has something to say. Shrishti then requests Jhanak for her husband’s number, expressing her desire to talk to him. Arshi reveals that Shrishti intends to call Jhanak’s husband to the city and assures that they will find a good job for him. Jhanak is hesitant, and Shrishti urges her to provide the number. Anirudh intervenes, saying that he already has the number and obtained it from Jhanak. Shrishti criticizes Jhanak for being hesitant and eventually receives the number from Anirudh.

Arshi suggests calling Jhanak’s husband immediately, but the call goes unanswered. Shrishti decides to call him later, stating that she doesn’t want any secrets or suspense. She advises Jhanak to keep her husband away from Anirudh and not to share everything with him. The family discusses the plan for Jhanak and her husband, expressing excitement and offering support. Jhanak, however, is worried about the potential consequences if the truth comes out.

At the office, Anirudh presents an event presentation to Shah, discussing the surprise performance by dancers and singers. He assures Shah that the event will receive massive coverage and become a hit. Arshi practices dancing at home, and Shrishti joins her. Anirudh arrives and encourages them to continue practicing. Later, he visits Shrishti’s home to discuss work and learns about the upcoming office event and a wedding announcement party.

Arshi continues dancing, and Anirudh talks to Shrishti. She apologizes for making him awkward, but he understands it’s part of work. Shrishti mentions being stressed due to the upcoming events, and Anirudh assures her that the events will be a hit with her and Arshi’s performances. He reveals he is tired and leaves for home.

At home, Anirudh finds Appu playing ludo alone and calls Jhanak. He asks Jhanak to come with him for a talk. Shrishti offers tea to Anirudh and expresses concern about Jhanak. Anirudh shares that he didn’t talk to Jhanak yet but is relieved she didn’t go with Tejas. Shrishti suggests discussing the matter later, and Anirudh reveals he has many questions. Arshi mentions that Jhanak seems to want to return to Kashmir with Tejas, finding it strange. Anirudh believes Jhanak made a decision out of fear and confusion.

The next day, Anirudh discusses an event presentation at the office, and Shrishti apologizes for making him awkward the previous day. Anirudh mentions Jhanak’s situation and assures them that Jhanak is a guest and will leave when she becomes independent. Arshi expresses her concerns about Jhanak staying in their house after her marriage, but Anirudh is firm about Jhanak’s departure once she is independent.

Back at home, Appu urges Jhanak to talk to Anirudh. Anirudh questions Jhanak about why he saved her that day. Appu intervenes, stating that Anirudh loves Jhanak. Anirudh looks at Jhanak, and the episode ends.

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