Jhanak 18th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 18th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Arshi expressing her concern to Anirudh, warning him that Tejas won’t stay quiet now. She questions his decision to fight Tejas, emphasizing the potential harm to his family and her. Anirudh asserts that he knows what he is doing and is prepared to face Tejas if necessary. He apologizes to everyone for the complications. Arshi turns to Jhanak, asking about her plans and expressing difficulty in handling the shocks. Jhanak defends herself, stating that she feels suffocated, and her actions are not driven by any desire to trap someone’s fiancé. She advises Arshi to address her insecurities with Anirudh directly.

The scene shifts to the morning, where Anirudh’s boss meets Arshi and invites her to a cultural event. Arshi suggests talking to Shrishti and introduces Mr. Shah as her senior VP. Mr. Shah proposes that Arshi and Anirudh perform at the event, but Shrishti explains their unavailability due to prior commitments. However, Mr. Shah is determined to try, offering to pay any fees. Shrishti agrees to check their schedule, and Arshi urges Anirudh to stay for a discussion.

After Mr. Shah leaves, Shrishti questions Anirudh about his plans regarding Jhanak. Anirudh reveals that Tejas was taking Jhanak away, and he believes she is safer with him. Shrishti appreciates his concern for Jhanak but emphasizes that Jhanak is Arshi’s cousin, making her relationship with Anirudh complicated. Anirudh agrees, and Shrishti requests Jhanak’s husband’s number to explore job opportunities for him.

Reluctantly, Anirudh provides a number and later worries about getting entangled in lies. He returns home, where Jhanak expresses concern about her future once the truth is revealed. Anirudh gives her a number to share with Arshi and Shrishti, suggesting that it might alleviate Tejas’s threats. However, Jhanak worries about the consequences of the lies and questions Anirudh’s decision to protect her. Anirudh insists on keeping her safe, even if it means facing legal consequences.

Jhanak is reluctant to go along with the plan, but Anirudh convinces her by promising that everything will change after she performs at his office event. He assures her that he will face the consequences of his lies. Anirudh acknowledges feeling trapped and contemplates his next move.

Later, Arshi and her family visit Anirudh’s house to share the first wedding invitation. Arshi inquires about Jhanak and sees her in the kitchen. Shrishti asks Jhanak for her husband’s number, revealing her intention to help him find a job. Anirudh enters the conversation and greets the guests, emphasizing his commitment to protecting Jhanak. Shrishti insists on getting Jhanak’s husband’s number, marking the beginning of further complications.

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