Jhanak 17th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 17th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Jhanak 17 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The story starts with Dadi telling Jhanak to hurry up. Bipasha and Tanuja also scold her. Shrishti says she’ll do what needs to be done. Jhanak gets angry and throws the white saree away. Anirudh catches it. Tanuja asks what he’s doing. Dadi asks how dare he. Shrishti tells Bipasha to get the saree. Arshi says it means Jhanak has evil in her heart. Jhanak stops Shrishti and says she won’t wear the white saree because it reminds her of the bad things that happened in her marriage. She asks Dadi if she really believes her marriage to Anirudh was real. She wants them to accept that it wasn’t a lie. Choton praises Jhanak. Anirudh watches silently. Jhanak asks Tanuja why she would want Anirudh to die. She says she did everything they asked, but she can’t go through with this ritual. Tanuja calls her clever, and Bipasha agrees, saying she’s making excuses. Dadi suggests Jhanak doesn’t need to wear the white saree but has to take a dip in the pond. Jhanak agrees. Anjana warns her about not knowing how to swim and to be careful.

Jhanak reminds them of lines from the Gita about immortality. Choton smiles. Shrishti dismisses her words, saying they didn’t come here for a lecture. Jhanak insists she’s just an ordinary girl who can sink or burn. Shrishti takes her into the water despite protests. Anirudh worries and jumps in after Jhanak when she sinks. He rescues her, and everyone is relieved. Anjana asks if Jhanak is okay. Dadi taunts Jhanak, and Shrishti denies leaving her hand. Tanuja accuses Jhanak of drama, saying Anirudh had to jump in because of her. Bipasha helps Jhanak recover. Jhanak assures them she didn’t blame Shrishti. Shrishti announces she talked to Anirudh about getting Jhanak married, and he agreed. She promises to find a good match for Jhanak.

They assure Jhanak they’re improving her life. Jhanak agrees to get married soon. Shrishti pledges to get her married before Arshi. Jhanak thanks her and promises not to come back after marriage. Dadi instructs Anjana to prepare diyas for a ritual. They complete the ritual, leaving one diya in the water and taking another home. At night, Shrishti meets Tejas and informs him about convincing Anirudh for Jhanak’s marriage. Tejas expresses his desire to stop the marriage and implies he has a plan. Shrishti warns him about Anirudh’s influence in the city. Tejas insists on getting Jhanak and reveals his intention to kidnap her. Shrishti agrees to his plan, focusing on her own agenda.

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