Jhanak 17th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 17th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Arshi arriving home. Shubh instructs everyone to act normally. Arshi inquires if everything is okay. He reassures her, and Bipasha asks about Anirudh. Arshi mentions that she will call him, but Tanuja reveals that Arshi is Jhanak’s sister and should be informed about her leaving the house. Arshi is shocked and suggests filing a police complaint for a missing person. Shubh agrees, but Appu intervenes, expressing concern about Jhanak’s arrest if the police get involved. Arshi points out that involving the police will help find Jhanak and bring her back. Shubh, however, decides against it. Appu insists on bringing Jhanak back.

Shubh asks Lal to go alone and file the complaint. Arshi comments on Jhanak being lazy and wanting everything without hard work, questioning why she didn’t reveal details about her husband. Dadi expresses concern about not knowing anything about Jhanak’s past. Shubh defends Jhanak, stating that she went mad due to the family’s affection. Anirudh and Chotan then arrive with Jhanak. Bipasha suggests letting Anirudh and Arshi spend time alone and focusing on the party. However, Arshi insists on addressing the issue. Chotan informs them that Anirudh and Jhanak are on their way.

Appu is excited, but Shubh questions the excitement. Anirudh enters and reveals that he had a meeting. Chotan claims to have a meeting too and mentions getting a big book order. Jhanak enters, and Dadi questions why they weren’t informed earlier. Chotan lies about the situation, and Arshi notices Jhanak carrying her bag. Anirudh explains that Jhanak planned to go to Arshi’s house. However, Jhanak denies it, calling it a lie. Arshi glares at Anirudh, and Shubh demands the truth about where they are going and how Anirudh found her. Jhanak claims that she was forced to come back and was on her way to Tejas when Chotan met her. She explains that she couldn’t go back to Srinagar and didn’t want to put Anirudh in trouble. Arshi blames Jhanak for creating trouble for Anirudh. Jhanak admits that she can’t change the past, and Shubh questions Anirudh’s role. Arshi insists that Anirudh should tell the truth and why he brought Jhanak back.

Anirudh reveals that he knew about Tejas’ plan to take Jhanak back to Kashmir, and he stopped her because he feared for her safety. Arshi questions why he is so concerned about Jhanak, given that she is married and has a husband to look after her. Anirudh argues that Tejas would harm Jhanak and claims to know Tejas well. He called the police to ensure Jhanak’s safety and apologized if the family thought he did wrong. Arshi argues that Jhanak left willingly. Anirudh insists that if someone willingly jumps into fire, he must save them. The family debates the situation, and Arshi scolds Jhanak for creating drama. She asks Jhanak to leave, and Arshi questions Anirudh’s ability to save himself and his family from Tejas’ anger.

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