Jhanak 14th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Jhanak 14th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Jhanak 14 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Dadi telling Jhanak to get ready quickly. Jhanak asks for just five more minutes. Bipasha tells her they need to remove her sindoor. Jhanak agrees to do it now, but Dadi insists they do the rituals at the ghat. Anirudh watches them and wonders why they need to go there when they could do it at home. He suspects they might have other intentions. Despite his doubts, Dadi insists they get ready, and they all head to the ghat.

Meanwhile, Shrishti knocks on Arshi’s door and asks her to open it. Vinayak suggests she might be sleeping and asks everyone to remain calm. The maid wonders if Arshi committed suicide, while another maid spreads rumors about Anirudh marrying the housemaid. Shrishti calls Anirudh and threatens to send him and Jhanak to jail if Arshi doesn’t open the door. Tanuja asks about the call, and Anirudh informs her about Arshi not opening the door. Shrishti accuses him of pushing Arshi to take drastic actions. Anirudh decides to go to Arshi’s house.

Anjana inquires about Shrishti’s call, and Anirudh tells her about Arshi’s situation. He leaves to check on her. Tanuja expresses her fear, and Choton reassures her, saying everything will be okay. Shubh worries that they’ll all end up in jail if something happens to Arshi. He threatens to file an attempted murder case against Jhanak. Bipasha suggests they go to Arshi’s house and instructs Anjana not to let Dadi and Dadu know about it. She also tells Anjana not to serve Jhanak and keep her hungry. Shubh agrees, blaming Jhanak for the situation. Jhanak overhears their conversation.

Choton questions whether Jhanak convinced Anirudh to marry her. He reminds everyone that they had to marry because of Tejas, or else they would’ve been killed. Meanwhile, Anirudh struggles to break the lock on Arshi’s door and injures himself. Shrishti notices his bleeding hand as he kicks the door down and rushes inside. Anirudh urges Arshi to wake up, while Vinayak calls for a doctor. Anirudh discovers that Arshi has taken sleeping pills and is shocked. The doctor confirms that Arshi is in a deep sleep due to an overdose but assures everyone that her condition is stable. Anirudh finds a letter and pockets it.

Jhanak expresses her regret, but Anjana defends her, blaming Tejas for the situation. Shubh and the others arrive, and Shrishti accuses Anirudh of causing Arshi’s condition. The doctor administers treatment, and Arshi begins to show signs of improvement. Anjana believes everything will be fine once they’re married. Jhanak expresses her desire for the same and confides in Anjana about her struggles. Anjana consoles her, encouraging her to stay strong and fight. Jhanak laments the ongoing sorrow, and Anjana comforts her with a hug.

Bipasha and Choton reassure each other that Arshi will recover. Arshi wakes up feeling sleepy, and the doctor advises them to take her to the hospital for detox. Anirudh questions Arshi’s decision to punish him, but Shrishti tells him to leave. Shubh defends their love and suggests they understand each other’s actions. Anirudh explains that he had no choice but to marry Jhanak to save their lives. He carries Arshi and takes her to the hospital. Jhanak feeds Appu, trying to comfort him, while Anjana defends her against Dadi’s accusations.

Dadi blames Jhanak for everything, but Appu defends her, stating she saved Dadu’s life. Anjana argues in Jhanak’s favor, claiming she was forced into her actions and that they would understand once they knew the truth. Dadi warns Anjana not to support Jhanak and accuses her of ruining Anirudh’s life. Anjana defends Jhanak, saying she had no choice, but Dadi remains unconvinced, blaming Jhanak for Arshi’s condition. Jhanak is left in tears as the family’s tensions escalate.

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