Imlie 9th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 9th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Surya and Imlie drank a special milk drink with bhang in it and got very drunk. They went to pray to Bholenath. But when Daadi saw them together, she got very angry. She said that Surya and Imlie could never get married. The priest told her that she couldn’t change fate because they had already received blessings from Bholenath. Daadi shouted to stop the party and went to look for Imlie and Surya. Sonali slipped while walking, and Amar caught her. Amrith took pictures of them in that moment.

Imlie and Surya went into Imlie’s servant room through the window and hid a photo of Binni and her husband in a grocery box. They were still laughing and talking nonsense because they were still drunk.

Surya got a really bad headache and asked for his medicine. Imlie gave it to him and tried to distract him from the pain by talking to him. Surya said he was feeling better now. Imlie asked him since when he has been getting these headaches. Surya told her that he had been getting headaches since he was a child and remembered getting hurt in a fire accident and his father dying trying to save him. Imlie asked if he had been bearing this pain since childhood. Surya asked her to stop trying to distract him. Their conversation continued. Surya apologized to Imlie for saying something bad about Agastya. Imlie said she wanted to expose Binni and protect Agastya from her. She said she loved Agastya a lot and knew he would never look at any other woman. Surya asked if she was really sure about Agastya. Imlie said that even if Agastya claimed to be the father of Binni’s baby, she wouldn’t believe him. Their conversation continued until Surya tried to stand up but couldn’t and fell asleep on the bed. Imlie fell asleep on his shoulder.

Daadi angrily looked for Imlie and Surya. Binni continued to poison Daadi’s mind against Imlie. Daadi heard Imlie’s voice and went to her room with the whole family. They were shocked to see Imlie and Surya sleeping. Daadi shouted at them and asked what they were doing there. Imlie said they were having an important discussion. Rajni asked what it was about. Imlie said she was trying to expose Binni’s truth and looked for the photo. Binni got nervous and said Imlie was lying and tried to leave. Imlie asked Surya to tell them that a lady had given them the photo. Surya said he didn’t remember anything. Daadi accused Imlie of trying to trap Surya like she had trapped innocent Agastya and warned her to stay away from Surya. After everyone left, Binni taunted Imlie that all her efforts to expose her had failed. Imlie taunted Binni that her baby would be ashamed of her when it found out the truth. Binni said she was doing all this for her baby and admitted that Agastya was not the father, but her baby would be the heir of the Chaudhry family, and she would kill anyone who got in her way.

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