Imlie 6th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 6th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Surya kept questioning Imlie. A constable told him that Imlie hadn’t moved for four hours. Imlie felt suffocated and begged them to open the door because she was innocent. Surya asked the constable to give Imlie some water but stopped her when he saw Imlie writing something. The constable asked what she was writing. Surya bragged about his interrogation skills and opened the door to see what Imlie had written. He got angry when he saw that she was writing a math formula. Imlie explained that she had an exam next week and he was causing trouble for her. Surya suggested doing a lie detector test on Imlie, but the constable said they needed permission from the court. Imlie agreed to the test, saying he didn’t believe her, so he should find out the truth.

Meanwhile, the Chaudhry family returned home from the temple. Daadi panicked when she saw dirt on the floor and assumed Imlie must have caused it. Shivani signaled to Sonali, who asked Daadi to go rest and sent the family away. Shivani then told Sonali that Imlie had been arrested after taking the blame for them.

Back at the police station, Surya continued questioning Imlie, trying to get her to confess to Raghu’s murder. Imlie insisted she was telling the truth and questioned Surya’s motives for blaming her instead of finding the real culprit. She even challenged him to shoot her if he truly believed she was guilty.

When the commissioner arrived, Sonali informed him that Surya had wrongfully detained Imlie without a warrant. The commissioner suspended Surya after confirming this with Surya and others present. However, Imlie requested the commissioner not to suspend Surya, saying he was just doing his duty. The commissioner agreed and let Imlie go home.

Meanwhile, Binni felt tense recalling Amrith’s threat. Daadi comforted her, and Binni emotionally manipulated her by mentioning her baby’s need for a father’s love. Daadi empathized with her and reassured her.

Surya returned home, and Malti asked if he had found out anything about Raghu. Surya avoided the question, saying they would talk in the morning. Malti expressed her despair over living without her husband.

When Imlie returned home with Sonali and Shivani, Malti questioned them. Imlie defended her brother, saying he loved her immensely and would do anything for her. Malti praised her brother and walked away. Sonali and Imlie then got into a playful argument, which Daadi observed from the balcony.

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