Imlie 6th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 6th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Imlie talks to Agastya about his judgment of Kairi’s character. She defends her sister and tells Agastya that he shouldn’t question someone’s character without knowing them. Agastya gets upset and leaves the wedding ceremony. Vishwa mocks Imlie for trusting Agastya and accuses her of being a gold digger. Feeling hurt, Imlie runs to her room in tears. Agastya drives away, and Govind asks the guests to leave.

Avinash confronts Vishwa for causing chaos in the family for the sake of revenge and tells him to leave. Vishwa questions if Avinash is telling him to leave his own brother’s house. Avinash expresses doubts about their relationship. Meanwhile, Ashu finds his parents’ photo burning in the fire. He tries to save it, but Jugnu helps him. Ashu cries over the loss of his parents’ photo. Daadi overhears and introduces herself to Ashu. She consoles him and is welcomed warmly by the family.

Imlie tries to reach Agastya but he ignores her calls. She leaves him an emotional message expressing her love. Daadi interrupts and listens to the message, then deletes it, declaring she won’t let Imlie marry Agastya. Imlie is shocked and begs her not to interfere. Daadi schemes to frame Imlie for her fall down the stairs. Imlie pleads with her not to go through with it, but Daadi falls and blames Imlie. The family rushes to her aid and assumes Imlie pushed her.

Sonali informs Agastya about Daadi’s accident, leading him to return home. Alka accuses Imlie of pushing Daadi down the stairs, angering Agastya. He blames Imlie for the incident and kicks her out of the house, despite her protests and understanding of his pain.

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