Imlie 5th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 5th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Imlie confesses over the phone that she knows about Raghu’s death and asks them to arrest her from Chaudhry Nivas. Surya questions if she killed Raghu, to which Imlie denies and says someone else did. Monty, however, tells Surya not to trust Imlie, claiming they helped a different girl named Shivani that day. Imlie insists Monty is lying. Surya accuses Imlie of murdering Raghu, stating his sister cries for her husband every day. Imlie maintains her innocence, mentioning she has evidence of the weapon used to attack Raghu and where his body is buried. When asked to show Raghu’s body, she points out the spot where he was buried. The police arrive, and Constable Tripathi informs Surya that Imlie had called them. Imlie mentions that Surya was present when she made the call. Surya instructs Tripathi to take Imlie to the police station and send laborers to dig up the ground. As Imlie leaves with the police, she urges Surya to find the real murderer.

During a prayer ceremony, Binni receives numerous calls, prompting Daadi to advise her to switch off her phone temporarily. Binni excuses herself and mistakenly gets into her boyfriend’s car, only to find Amrith waiting inside. Amrith confronts her about her deceit, revealing he knows she’s living lavishly in the Chaudhry house by lying about her baby’s paternity. Binni pleads with him not to expose her secret. Meanwhile, Surya observes laborers digging the ground. He receives a call from Tripathi, who informs him that Imlie is calm and sleeping. Surya arrives at the police station, and Imlie questions why he isn’t with Malti. She notices dust on his shoes, suggesting he would have found Raghu’s body and the murder weapon. Surya insists she tell the truth but Imlie remains steadfast in her innocence.

Binni confronts Amrith, suspecting he wants money. However, Amrith claims he desires love, not money, and threatens to expose her unless she complies with his instructions. Sonali approaches the car, and Binni hastily gets out, lying about meeting her childhood friend. Sonali grows suspicious but lets it go. Later, Surya orders a constable to put Imlie in a dark room, believing this tactic will make her confess. Imlie sits silently in the cell, and Tripathi notes how Surya’s strategy often works to make criminals confess.

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