Imlie 4th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 4th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Surya tells Imlie that they both don’t trust each other, so they won’t put down their guns until they trust each other. But he promises that if she reveals at least half of the truth and trusts him, he’ll put down his gun. Imlie says when she finds out who’s really at fault, then he’ll have to trust her. Surya sees Malti listening to their talk and asks her what she’s doing there. Malti says she thinks they’re wrong for not trusting Imlie. She knows the evidence points against Imlie, but she doesn’t believe Imlie did anything wrong to Raghu. Surya says she should listen to her head, not her heart, and watch how he’ll uncover the truth. He calls someone and arranges to meet them the next day. Malti asks who he called. Surya says it’s someone who’ll make Imlie confess the truth.

The next morning, Daadi does a prayer ceremony and offers blessings to her family. Rajni tells Daadi that Binni said Imlie is trying to frame Surya. Sonali says people talk nonsense and Rajni shouldn’t pay attention. Alka asks when Sonali will stop supporting Imlie. Binni says they should kick Imlie out of the house because she’s causing them pain. Imlie makes breakfast for the family. Her friend calls and says the jeep she was looking for is in the market. Surya calls Monty/Raghu’s friend and asks them to come to his new house.

Imlie tries to leave after serving breakfast, but Daadi stops her and offers her blessings. Imlie emotionally accepts and touches Daadi’s feet. Daadi asks if she can ask something. Imlie says she can ask for anything. Daadi tells her to pack her bags and leave because she’s ruining their happiness. Imlie says she can’t leave the house even if it costs her life. Binni says Imlie is greedy and won’t leave. Imlie explains she promised Agastya to stay and take care of his family. Daadi tells her to clean the house before they return from the temple to pray for Agastya’s baby. Imlie starts cleaning and singing a song. The family leaves, and Surya watches Imlie from the balcony.

After finishing the chores, Imlie tries to leave, but Surya stops her and asks why she’s leaving without finishing her work. Imlie says she’s done. Surya throws juice and dirt on the floor and tells her to clean it. They start arguing. Monty arrives at Chaudhry mansion and worries if Surya has found out the truth. He enters, and Imlie remembers how Raghu and Monty mistreated her and Shivani. Surya tells Imlie to make tea for his guest. Imlie goes to the kitchen. Surya asks if she knows the man. Imlie says she knows him and Raghu and describes how they mistreated her. Shivani sees Monty and panics. She asks Imlie why he’s there. Imlie tries to calm her down. Surya asks Shivani if she knows him. Imlie says yes, calls the police, confesses to the whole story, and says they can come and arrest her. Surya accuses her of murdering Raghu.

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