Imlie 4th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 4th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Agastya brings Ashu inside the house, and the entire family eagerly awaits his arrival. Seeing the young boy, some family members inquire about his identity, but Agastya signals them to remain silent. Ashu looks at Imlie and recalls Agastya telling him about their impending marriage tonight.

Daadi draws a curtain around Imlie to prevent Agastya from seeing her. Imlie lightens the mood by teasing Agastya about spending so much time in a parlor, suggesting his face must be glowing. Agastya counters her remark, and Daadi suggests starting the haldi ritual. Agastya asks Imlie to guess each family member applying haldi to her.

The haldi ceremony begins, and Imlie correctly identifies each family member. Shivani, noticing the boy, questions Agastya about his identity, but he stops her and introduces Ashu to Imlie. Imlie is emotional upon touching Ashu and correctly identifies him. Agastya reveals that he brought Ashu as a surprise for Imlie, knowing she missed him. He discloses that Ashu is Imlie’s nephew, leaving her overwhelmed and grateful. Ashu affectionately calls Agastya his Kyachu, and Imlie expresses her gratitude to Agastya for the wonderful surprise.

Avinash discovers Shivani looking at pictures of him and Vishwa in the morning. Shivani mentions that Sonali brought the photos and suggests informing her. Ashu praises Kyachu (Agastya) and asks about his family. Imlie describes them as a refreshing rain in a hot summer, showering her with love and acceptance. As she receives a call from Vishwa, Imlie advises him to surrender to the police and start anew after facing punishment. Vishwa cryptically mentions sending a surprise wedding gift.

Agastya gets emotional thinking about Dhanraj and shares his feelings with Daadi and Govind. Ashu overhears and is shocked to see his father’s picture. Bulbul intervenes, and Ashu reveals that he wanted to surprise Imlie by showing his father’s picture, but Imlie already knew about it. Bulbul asks Ashu to keep the truth a secret. Shivani overhears their conversation and becomes determined to reveal the truth to the family.

Bulbul tries to stop Shivani by locking her in a room, while Ashu approaches Agastya. The events unfold as the family prepares for Imlie’s marriage.

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