Imlie 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 3rd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie 3 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Nirmala goes to Surya’s room with Indira and others and is happy to see Surya packing Amli’s stuff. She says that Suriya has got a conscience and that is why she is throwing Amli’s belongings out of the house. Suriya says he shifted Imli to outhouse and hence shifted her stuff to outhouse. Indira says rudeness is a bad habit and Amli is a bad habit which she won’t give up easily. Suriya says Imli is his wife and he can’t let her stay anywhere else, Imli will stay in the outhouse for a week and then stay in the hostel. Nirmala asks if all the houses in the village are broken then why should Imli stay here even for a day. Nirmala says no one wants to keep her in their house. Surya says that Imli is the daughter of this village and can live in any house, but she is here for Indira’s sake as she doesn’t want her to go away from Indira. Indira falls silent. After Surya leaves, Nirmala says that Imli is very intelligent and traps Surya in her crocodile tears.

Surya arranges Amli’s things in her room and asks if she needs anything else. Imli says she needs gardening equipment as she will be gardening at his house during the day and singing at a bar at night. Surya gives him stuff. Amli does gardening. Surya saw him through the window. Arjun goes to him along with the CJ and taunts that Surya’s terminal illness is increasing day by day. CJ asks Suriya if he is helping Imli, he should be careful. Surya asks what does it mean. The CJ says that if he really loves Imli, he should go ahead and express it. Surya says nothing like that. Arjun pulls his legs and challenges her that if she doesn’t have feelings for Amli then she shouldn’t see her for 24 hours. Surya accepted the challenge. Imli messages him, he quickly checks the message. The Chief Justice quipped that he was anxious to read Imli’s message. Suriya says there is no time for love. Arjun says let’s see and leaves laughing with CJ.

Nirmala goes to Imli with Indra and Malati and taunts her that she has tricked Surya again and comes back to stay at their house. Imli warns him that he is no longer her DIL, is here paying the rent, and if he ever tries to disturb her, she will give him a stern reply. She tells Indira that she is only here for a week and will leave after that. Nirmala thinks that Imli wants to pay the rent without money, she will make sure that Imli doesn’t stay here even for a week. She calls Amrut and asks why Imli came back to Reddy’s house again after her assurance. Amrit says what can he do if Surya wants him back home. Nirmala asks him to trouble Imli so much that she runs away from the village soon.

In the evening, Imli gets ready to sing at a bar and waits for Surya’s message reply. She starts singing hymns. Amrit stops him and asks the manager to make him stand on a table and sing Fevicol Se.. Imli refused. He and his fellow drunkards continue to praise Amli obscenely. Amli throws wine on their faces. They demand the manager to make Imli obey their orders or they will leave her bar.

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