Imlie 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Surya trashes the bar bouncer and asks Amarth how dare he bring his wife here. Amarth says that his wife herself came here. Surya tells Imli that he knows she is not here by her wish and asks her to come back home with him. Imli says that she has come here of her own free will and will not go back to her home where she is repeatedly humiliated. Surya apologizes on Indra’s behalf. Imli asks why he is worried about her. Suriya says that earlier she was his responsibility and after marriage she is his wife and it is his duty to protect her. The bar patrons ask him to go outside and continue his drama. They drag him out. Imli sang the song Yara Sili Sili.. After her duty is over, she goes to Pelo’s house with her bag. Pelo asks what she is doing now. Bulbul excitedly shows off her wedding jewelery and clothes gifted by her fiance Prashant. Pellu tells Imli not to look bad on Bulbul’s happiness and asks why she came at this time and where is Suriya.

Surya returned home. Nirmala taunts her that she knew Imli would refuse to get back with her, she is too selfish. Malti says Amli is wicked and money minded. Indira says everyone is saying the same thing, they should forget Imli and move on. Constable Tripathi walks in and congratulates Surya for canceling his suspension orders. The family congratulates them and says Imli’s false case is over and she has been proven wrong. Tripathi says Imli has withdrawn her case against Surya and has sent a letter to him. Surya reads the letter saying that she is grateful to him and is canceling the case against him as a kind gesture. The housemates also read it, and Nirmala says that Imli is playing a game on Suriya again. At night, Imli and Surya cannot sleep and miss each other. Dil Janiya.. the song is playing in the background. The Chief Justice took notice of Surya.

The next morning, Pilu angrily wakes up Imli and yells at her for leaving Surya and re-signing at the bar. Imli says she wanted him to work in a bar first to run his house, then why is he worried now. Pelu says the situation was different then, she knows Imli came here to break Bulbul’s alliance and says Prashant’s family will break the alliance after knowing about Amli’s heinous acts. Imli says she can never think wrong for Bulbul. Pelo asks him to leave her house now. Imli left with her bag.

Arjun sees Surya lost in thought and informs the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice says that Surya has fallen in love with Imli and he cannot help the senior inspector anymore. Tripathi calls Surya and says that he is spying on Amli on Surya’s orders and on a video call, the bar manager tells Amli that she cleans once during the day and for 2 meals in the evening. sings Amli agrees and goes to wash the dishes. Surya asks Tripathi to bring Imli back home. Tripathi threatens the manager and sends Imli to Surya’s house through the manager. Amli gets angry seeing herself back at Surya’s house. Surya offers the keys to her outhouse and jokes that she can’t play loud music or hammer nails into the wall. Imli argues with him as usual and asks if he will go against Indra. Surya says it is his duty to protect his wife. Imli says she will stay in the outhouse for a week and do gardening work. Surya agrees. Imli walks towards the outhouse saying that he will be free from her after a week.

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