Imlie 2nd March 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 2nd March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Constable Tripathi tells Surya it’s very late since Imlie went inside goons’ hideout, so they should go and check. Surya takes his gun and agrees to go. When Imlie returns, Surya asks if she succeeded in her mission. Imlie gives him Ghansu’s address, which surprises Surya. She emotionally blackmails the goons acting as Ghansu’s fiance to get the address. She taunts Surya and gives the address to Tripathi. Surya tells Tripathi to inform his team about the address.

Meanwhile, the Chaudhry family discusses receiving wrong calls for someone named Rashmi on their landline. Binni gets worried. Surya returns home with Imlie and tells her the goon must have given her a wrong address because she bothered him too much. Tripathi calls Imlie and confirms the address is correct, and they arrested Ghansu. Surya says he knows Imlie wants to be around him to know about Raghu’s investigation and she can’t escape from him. Malti overhears this.

Ghansu’s boss, Munna, worries about losing business due to Surya’s interference and instructs his men to find out who is in Surya’s family to threaten them.

Binni, pretending to be Rashmi, receives a call from her boyfriend demanding money because she lied about being pregnant with Agastya’s baby. Binni steals money from the safe, but Imlie catches her. Binni lies that Daadi told her to take the money. Imlie warns her not to steal from the family and puts the money back. When Daadi arrives, Binni blames Imlie for accusing her falsely. Daadi scolds Imlie and tells Binni to take the money.

Malti accuses Imlie of trying to trap Surya for money like she did with Agastya. Imlie defends herself, saying she still loves Agastya and Malti’s accusations won’t change her. Later, Imlie saves Malti from goons threatening her. Munna threatens to kill Malti unless Imlie tells Surya to stop interfering in his business. Imlie begs him to spare Malti and confesses she got Ghansu arrested.

Tripathi calls Surya and suggests taking Imlie’s help since she got Ghansu’s address easily. Munna tries to shoot Malti, but Surya arrives in time to save them. Imlie tends to Malti’s injuries. Tripati informs Surya that they arrested Munna and his aide. Nirmala blames Surya for Malti’s condition.

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