Imlie 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 29th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Agastya takes out Meera’s locket from the locker. Imlie questions how he got Meera’s locket and if he kept the truth from her. Agastya admits he doesn’t know much about the truth. Imlie insists the locket doesn’t belong to Meera. Agastya mentions Meera claimed it belongs to Kunal, but he doesn’t trust her. Imlie argues that the killer has come for the locket and won’t harm them. On the other side, Sonali asks Amar why he’s there. Amar explains that since she didn’t answer his call, he came to meet her. He flirts with Manno and Sonali, but Sonali gets upset, asking him to stop flattering her family.

Imlie peeks from the window and calls Sonali and Manno, but they can’t hear her due to the distance. The masked killer’s accomplices release toxic smoke into the room, demanding Imlie and Agastya give them the locket and let them go. Agastya checks CCTV footage and their movements. He creates a distraction with smoke, injuring himself and one of the aides. Imlie rushes to Agastya’s aid, throws the locket out, and tells them to leave. The aide’s wife hands the locket to the masked killer, and they decide to leave before the police arrive, taking the injured husband to the hospital.

The masked killer insists on killing Imlie first, but the lady refuses. He ends up killing her husband and injuring her. Imlie recalls Bhavri’s prediction about her suhaag (husband) dying soon and decides to surrender herself. Agastya stops her. Imlie emotionally speaks to him and walks out. The killer points a gun at her, but the aide’s wife collapses outside. The Choudhry family rushes to her. Daadi asks about Agastya and Imlie. Shivani mentions they went inside the house. Vishwa instructs them to stay there and runs towards the house.

The whole family follows him. Agastya threatens the killer with a rod to spare Imlie. Imlie fights with the killer, and they both fall down. Imlie gets severely injured. The masked killer reveals his face and escapes through the window. Vishwa notices him but lets him go due to Imlie’s condition.

Agastya, with the family, rushes the injured Imlie to the hospital. Rajni, Govind, and Daadi pray for Imlie’s life. Agastya and Vishwa argue. The doctor informs them that Imlie has lost a lot of blood and needs AB negative blood transfusion, which is a rare blood group. Vishwa volunteers to donate blood as his blood group is also AB negative.

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