Imlie 29th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 29th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Surya tells Imlie that her threats don’t scare him because nobody believes her in the Chaudhry household. He mentions that Sonali might keep quiet, but Shivani will spill everything soon. Nirmala interrupts, asking for water and complaining about her distant room from the kitchen. Surya offers to help her by moving her to a room nearer the kitchen. Imlie suggests surprising Nirmala by doing this in the morning, convincing Alka to shift to another room. Nirmala agrees, and Imlie teases Surya about his relationships with Malti and Nirmala, warning him that Shivani and Nirmala won’t trust him once they find out. Surya warns Imlie to stop her nonsense, reminding her of the Chaudhrys’ kindness towards her. Imlie argues that she also had a tough childhood but warns Surya not to underestimate her.

The next morning, the Chaudhrys prepare for a function. Alka chats with Daadi, who remarks that Surya forgave Alka but not her. Daadi instructs Alka to welcome the guests to avoid drama. Imlie questions Alka about her room near the kitchen, noticing the changes happening in the house. Nirmala announces she’s leaving, and Daadi thanks her for raising Surya. Meanwhile, the Chaudhrys dance and distribute gifts. Imlie quietly leaves, and Surya searches for her. Alka returns to her room annoyed, while Imlie brings Nirmala’s bags, announcing her move to Alka’s room. Confusion ensues when Nirmala and Alka confront Surya about the room change, leading to tensions within the family. Surya walks away, promising to find a solution.

Later, Surya sets fire to the room to resolve the dispute, risking his own safety. As the fire spreads, Surya saves Imlie from harm, but his hand gets burnt. The family rushes to put out the fire, and Surya emerges with minor injuries, insisting he’s fine. Daadi assures Nirmala she can stay wherever she wants in the house. In the aftermath, Surya tends to his burnt hand and warns Imlie not to bring tears to Malti’s eyes, expressing his protectiveness over his sister.

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