Imlie 28th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 28th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Surya remembers when the Chaudhry family accepted him as their son. Imlie shows him some documents and tells him that if he had been honest with the Chaudhrys from the beginning, they would have welcomed him with open arms instead of investigating. She suggests they put the past behind them and become friends. Imlie emphasizes that she is just Imlie, not Paro or Yamli, regardless of what others may believe. She gives him some childhood photos of Agastya and suggests he keeps them to cherish the memories of his childhood in his room.

Surya agrees that he should have been truthful from the start. He decides to reveal his true identity today. He tells Imlie that he is Senior Inspector Surya Pratap Reddy, not “problem ka pakoda” or “rowdy reddy,” as she called him. He shows her a photo of Raghu, shocking her as she remembers burying him. Surya explains that he is here to investigate what happened to Raghu in the house and how Imlie is connected to it. He then approaches the Chaudhrys and admits that he investigated them and is here because of a girl who caused his brother’s death.

Surya assures them he’s not seeking revenge but wants answers. He questions Imlie about why she was pretending to be a maid before he arrived. Despite his accusations, Daadi asks him to focus on his family. The family appreciates his understanding and welcomes him back. Surya smirks at Imlie’s discomfort. Later, Binni instructs Imlie to carry out some chores. Surya follows her and pressures her to reveal information about the man in the photo. Imlie becomes anxious, recalling the events surrounding Raghu’s death.

As Imlie searches through Nirmala’s bags, she finds a family photo and realizes Raghu was Malti’s husband. She shows the photo to Sonali and Shivani, who are shocked. Surya overhears and grabs the photo, expressing relief at finding it. He explains that Raghu was Malti’s husband who abandoned her, causing him guilt. Shivani wants to tell Surya the truth, but Sonali and Imlie disagree, wanting to protect Malti. Binni interrupts, reminding Imlie to focus on her tasks.

Later, Surya helps Imlie prepare laddus in the kitchen and shares his bond with Malti. He expresses his intention to force Shivani to reveal the truth soon.

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