Imlie 27th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 27th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Alka informs Imlie that she had been advocating for Meera, only to discover that Meera is a criminal. Daadi tells Imlie that her aunt herself admitted to the truth. Alka accuses Imlie of not sharing her wisdom again, stating that Meera destroyed their family. Heartbroken, Imlie rushes to her room and breaks down in tears. Agastya goes to her and finds her reading a letter from her aunt apologizing for lying and urging Imlie to live happily accepting the truth, as her whole family has abandoned her. Imlie expresses her loneliness, feeling that a family is not destined for her, and even though Agastya is with his family, he too feels lonely.

Agastya recalls Meera’s request to give Imlie a family and to accept the crime she didn’t commit for Imlie’s sake. He approaches Imlie and asks if she wants to hear his answer. Agastya then goes downstairs with Imlie, holding her hand. Daadi questions his actions, and Agastya tells Imlie that she claims his family is hers but doesn’t truly accept them in her heart. He decides to give her the family she deserves by proposing to marry her officially. He kneels down and proposes to Imlie, and the whole family celebrates, while Alka stands disapprovingly.

Alka questions Agastya’s sanity, considering Imlie’s recent behavior. Agastya defends Imlie, praising her innocence, beauty, and suitability for him. Sonali congratulates them and expresses her excitement about dancing at their wedding. Daadi advises Imlie to forget her aunt and move on, instructing Govind to organize a grand feast and invite the entire village.

Meanwhile, Sonali bails Amar out of jail, and Amar flirts with her. Amrit, curious about their connection, questions Sonali, who dismisses it as none of his business. Sonali walks out of the jail with Amar, who playfully suggests that she could have waited and found a hero for a husband instead of Amrit. Sonali smiles and walks away.

Later, Sonali brings Imlie downstairs and engages in shopping for Imlie and Agastya’s wedding, injecting humor into the situation. Observing Agastya lost in thought, Sonali inquires about the locket he is holding. Agastya confides in her about Meera giving him the locket, expressing doubts about Meera’s intentions and the need to reveal the truth to Imlie, even if it risks breaking his promise to give her a family. Sonali suggests hiding the truth if it means having a lifelong companion. The drama and preparations for the wedding continue.

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