Imlie 27th April 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 27th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie 27 April 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Surya tells Imli that she punished those men because they were talking bad about her and asks her to share it with them. Imli asks why he is worried. Surya says whoever looks at his wife with dirty eyes will punish her. After some time Anjali calls Surya and asks why she was praising Imli so much in front of Indira. Surya asks how she knows. Anjali says she was there and is the one who showed Imli’s bar video to the family. Surya asks if he has considered Imli as his enemy. Anjali asks why is he so focused on Imli, has he fallen in love with her. Suriya says he promised to help Imli and he is keeping his promise. Anjali warns him that Imli loves Agastya, he is married to his brother’s wife and should not expect anything from her or she will end up like Anjali.

Imli asks Surya about her bag. Surya says he doesn’t know. Imli says she thought he carried his bag. Surya realizes that he forgot it in the cab in his rush to find it. He says it was his responsibility to protect her bag, he leaves the cab creating a drama, he has to run all over in search of her, he is trying to get her admit card from her. And being harassed again and again by Indra and others, he is very troubled. Stressed, how could Imli do this to her. Imli asks him to calm down. Surya calms down and says let’s find the driver. Imli says it is her bag and she will search her bag alone. He says that he will also support her.
They both ask about the taxi driver Trivedi who applies tilak on his forehead at the taxi stand. The driver says there are many Trivedis and most men in Benares wear Tilak.

Surya asks Imli to try to remember any details about the driver. Imli starts her flirtation with him and remembers that the driver’s name is Lokesh and he has 2 daughters and is from Jaunpur. Surya says he took the entire history of the driver. He gives the driver’s details to another driver who says Lokesh is his friend and gives Lokesh’s phone number. Lokesh tells that his bag is with him, but he is in Prayagraj and it will take another 3-4 hours for him to come back. Imli says that the education board office will be closed till then. Surya asks to meet Lokesh after returning to Varanasi and tells Imli that they need to do something. Imli breaks down discussing how she failed to fulfill her promise to Agastya et al. Surya says let us take her to education board office.

Anjali and Malti decide to visit Banaras and stop Surya from falling into Amli’s trap. Arjun stops Malti and asks if they are going to spoil Surya and Imli’s trip. Malti says it is none of her business. Arjun says his friend created problems in Imli’s life, he thinks she is Surya’s annoying ex. They both look nervous. Arjun realizes that Anjali is actually Surya’s ex. Anjali says that she is Surya’s true love and will get him out of Amli’s trap at any cost. Surya and Imli reach the education office, Imli shows photocopies of her certificates, and requests the officer to issue her duplicate admit card. The officer says he needs to bring the original certificate and refuses to issue the admit card. Imli gets depressed and leaves the cabin. Surya asks Imli to wait outside. Imli warns him not to show his rudeness here.

Surya closes the door and threatens the officer to release Imli’s admit card now. The officer issues the admit card and walks out. Imli apologizes to the officer and asks if he is hurt. The officer says today is his daughter’s wedding and he was in a hurry, he will never forget that he was threatened by a goon on his daughter’s wedding day. Surya presents the admit card to Imli. Amli threw it away. Surya says he fought a lot for this card and he threw it away. Tamara criticizes her rude attitude to get things done. Surya says that sometimes they need to be strict. Imli continues to lecture him and says that his rudeness hurts others. Surya says she doesn’t harm anyone and says they don’t have money and all they have is morning, she can use her kindness for their food and shelter till morning. Imli accepts his challenge and leaves.

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