Imlie 26th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 26th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Imlie informs Agastya that he publicly respected her and questions whether she doesn’t deserve an answer to his query. She kneels down, proposing to him with a ring. He lifts her, gazes into her eyes, and a curtain falls on them, accompanied by the song “Teri Meri Kahani Hai Yeh…” playing in the background. Imlie insists on getting an answer. Daadi, noticing Sonali and Karan returning home, inquires about their whereabouts. Imlie and Agastya rush to them, noticing Sonali’s injured hand. Concerned, they bring her inside to tend to her wound.

Alka asks Sonali about their two-day absence, assuming it was a business trip. Sonali reveals they had to attend to some other urgent matter. Meera expresses concern and inquires about their well-being. When Karan attempts to speak, Sonali stops him, claiming she needs rest. Later, Sonali questions Meera about the identical locket she’s wearing, similar to the one worn by a masked killer. Agastya confronts Meera, and Sonali suggests it might be a coincidence, as many similar lockets could be in the market. Agastya insists on the truth and threatens to accuse Meera. Imlie encourages Meera to speak, but she asks to be left alone.

Meera and Sonali have a private conversation, where Sonali questions the significance of Meera wearing the same locket as the masked killer. Agastya presses Meera for an explanation. Sonali tries to assure them it could be a coincidence, but Agastya demands the truth. Imlie attempts to defend Meera, recounting Kunal giving her the locket. Agastya, emotionally distressed, refuses to listen and asks Imlie to leave. Meera pleads with Agastya to hear her out, and reluctantly, he agrees.

Vishwa discovers an open file in the record room, realizing it’s the Singh Sweets factory file. Wondering who wanted to access it, she contemplates the mystery. The next morning, Imlie wakes up to find Meera gone and learns from Agastya that his aunt has left a letter. Reading it, Imlie is shocked to discover that Meera confesses to trapping Kunal for money, destroying his family, and being the real culprit behind his death. Agastya recalls Meera handing him the letter and asking him to give it to Imlie. In the present, Imlie continues to cry over the revelation about Meera.

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