Imlie 24th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 24th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie 24 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Imlie’s emotions overflow as she confronts Surya, questioning why he deprived her of the right to be acknowledged as Agastya’s widow. Surya’s response is simple: he made a promise to Daadi. But Imlie refuses to let it rest there, pressing him further. Surya is torn, recalling his vow to Daadi to keep the truth about Agastya’s death hidden. He reiterates his commitment to honor that promise. However, Imlie makes it clear that she won’t be complicit in his silence, insisting that he face the consequences alone.

Despite their tense exchange, they proceed together to the Reddy household, where a havan is being performed. Nirmala’s joy at Surya’s arrival is palpable as she hears the car horn. Upon their arrival, Surya instructs Imlie to enter the house while he retrieves his phone from the car. But their entrance is far from smooth.

Indira’s anger flares as she spots Imlie, her resentment fueled by past incidents. Accusations fly as family members, including Chacha and Chachi, lash out at Imlie, branding her as a gold-digger and troublemaker. The situation escalates as Indira learns of Surya and Imlie’s marriage, leaving her devastated.

Nirmala and others join in the condemnation, painting Imlie as a manipulator who ensnared Surya. Imlie defends herself fiercely, refusing to let them tarnish her grandmother’s reputation. Surya stands by her side, admitting his decision to marry her despite Indira’s objections. But the turmoil continues as the family refuses to accept Imlie as their daughter-in-law.

Despite the chaos, Surya and Imlie make a decision to leave. Imlie, feeling betrayed not only by Surya but also by herself, lashes out at him before retreating to his car. A call from Daadi momentarily softens her resolve as she reassures her of her well-being in her new home. But as the call ends, tears well in Imlie’s eyes, reflecting the turmoil within her.

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