Imlie 23rd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 23rd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Imlie bravely kicks the masked killer and successfully escapes his attack with Meera. However, the masked killer targets Meera and injures her hand. Imlie, showing great courage, takes Meera to a temple area where Meera falls unconscious. The masked killer approaches Imlie, but she fights back using Devimaa’s trishul. She manages to knock him down, ringing the temple bells to attract attention. As people gather, the masked killer escapes.

Agsatya receives a call and starts searching for Imlie. Daadi and Govind inquire about the situation, and Agastya reveals that the masked killer has killed someone. Imlie brings the injured Meera on a cart, and Agastya, concerned, rushes inside the house, asking Govind to call the doctor. Alka, witnessing the scene, expresses her displeasure.

The blind watchman’s son informs Sonali and Karan about Kunal destroying lives by burning the factory and killing workers. Sonali refuses to believe it, but the son shows a photo of the masked killer, claiming Kunal returned wearing a mask to commit the crime. Alka confronts Agastya for bringing Meera into the house. Agastya justifies it as an act of humanity. Daadi warns him about the limits of humanity and asserts that Meera will be sent out once she recovers. Imlie insists that she won’t stay if her kaaki maa is not allowed.

Agastya accuses Meera of killing his father and ruining his family’s lives. Imlie defends Meera, stating that she is innocent and the court has pronounced her so. Agastya and Daadi refuse to believe her, claiming that Meera is here for money. Alka accuses Meera of manipulating her husband and taking him away from her. Imlie defends Meera, highlighting Kunal’s choices and blaming him for his actions.

Daadi and Agastya accuse Meera of greed and plot to grab money. Imlie asserts that Meera values love over money. Alka blames Meera for taking away her happiness. Imlie points out that Kunal had an illicit relationship with Meera while already married to Alka. Alka expresses her resentment towards Meera, and Imlie argues that if not Meera, Kunal would have sought another woman as he desired a son.

Daadi defends her son and accuses Meera of greed. Agastya stands by Daadi, declaring that Meera is not his mother. Imlie, determined to support Meera, decides to leave with her kaaki maa if they are not allowed to stay. Agastya stops them, revealing that he will go with Meera and Imlie for Imlie’s safety. Daadi intervenes, claiming that Agastya has chosen Imlie over his family.

Daadi decides to let Meera stay until she recovers, as Agastya has chosen Imlie over his family. Agastya, upset, recalls hearing his father being shot. Imlie consoles him, and he pretends to search for his night suit. Imlie mentions the ring they share as an oath to protect and respect each other, and Agastya expresses his distress over the situation.

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