Imlie 23rd February 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 23rd February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Surya visits the Chaudhry house and asks if everyone is inside, mentioning that he’s here to buy the house in an auction. Imlie locks the door from inside and tells him she won’t let him enter her “babu’s” house again. Surya says it will be his house from tomorrow, not “babu’s.” Imlie throws the keys out of the house and says she won’t let him attend the auction either. Sonali calls Imlie and informs her that nobody has arrived for the auction yet. Imlie feels relieved, thinking the auction will be postponed since nobody showed up.

Suddenly, Malati enters, claiming she’s here for the auction on behalf of Surya Pratap Reddy. This shocks Imlie. Agastya interrupts her call and confronts Malati about leaving evidence behind during her escape from his house. He shows her a nosepin she dropped. Imlie tries to open the door but fails. Surya mocks her, reminding her that she locked the house herself.

The bidding begins, with Malati offering 75 lakhs. Sonali considers selling her jewelry and car to match the bid. Malati increases her bid to 1 crore, and Manno offers to sell her wedding jewelry to reach the same amount. Malati then bids 2 crores, leaving the Chaudhrys stunned. The auctioneer concludes the bid, declaring the house now belongs to Surya Pratap Reddy. Surya taunts Imlie, suggesting his sister has already bought the house, leaving the Chaudhrys shocked. Imlie pleads with him not to hurt her family.

Surya questions Imlie’s loyalty to the Chaudhrys, asking if they mean so much to her that she’s willing to endure humiliation for them. Imlie nods, expressing her love for her baby’s family. Surya insists he won’t leave without meeting them. As there’s a knock on the door, Surya unlocks it with Imlie’s hairpin. The Chaudhrys enter, and Sonali asks Imlie to bring water for everyone. Imlie, wearing a pallu, walks towards them. They’re shocked to see Surya, who resembles Agastya. Daadi emotionally reacts to Surya, calling him “Gattu.” She collapses, and a doctor is called to treat her.

Sonali asks Imlie who Surya is, and Imlie warns them that he’s not a good person. The doctor treats Daadi while Manno wonders how two unrelated people can look so similar. Alka recalls abandoning Agastya’s twin brother. Surya introduces himself, claiming to have bought the house through his sister. The Chaudhrys are stunned to see his resemblance to Agastya. Surya suggests staying overnight due to Daadi’s illness, and Daadi agrees, touched by his resemblance and kind-heartedness. Surya asks if he can call her “Daadimaa,” and she tearfully agrees.

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