Imlie 22nd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 22nd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Imlie spots a red velvet cake and wonders if “Happy Birthday Jugnu” is written on it. Agastya, feeling nervous, reveals that it actually says “I Love You.” He explains that Jugnu is his best friend, and he loves Jugnu. Agastya feeds cake to Jugnu while Imlie notices a box in his pocket. Curious, she takes it and questions if he brought it for Jugnu, suggesting he give it to the intended recipient. Agastya dismisses her, telling her to stop daydreaming, and urges her to call Kaaki Maa for dinner. Imlie walks away.

Jugnu questions Agastya about why he didn’t propose to Imlie after putting in so much effort. Agastya responds that Imlie deserves not just a good, but a perfect proposal.

Later, Imlie approaches Meera, who is attempting to leave with a cloth bundle. Meera reveals that Alka is suspicious and she needs to leave before being exposed. Agastya stops Meera, insisting that she stays until he makes an important announcement. He gathers the family, kneels in front of Imlie, and proposes with a ring. Alka interrupts, accusing Imlie of betrayal and bringing the woman who destroyed their happiness. Daadi demands an explanation, and Alka unveils Meera’s identity, accusing her of being the one who ruined their family.

Agastya, shocked by this revelation and recalling how he lost his father because of Meera, drops the ring. Daadi questions Imlie about bringing Meera into their home. Meera defends herself, saying she was proven innocent and released from jail. Alka, furious, drags Meera out of the house, accusing her of being a sinner.

Meera tells Imlie that the Chaudhry family will never forgive her, and she must go on with her life without worrying about her. Despite an emotional hug, Meera leaves. Agastya silently watches, and Imlie returns home, crying and picking up the proposal ring Agastya dropped. Agastya plays the piano as Govind, Rajni, and others try to console him. Alka questions Imlie about whether she knew Meera was Agastya’s mother, and Daadi defends Imlie, warning Alka not to trouble her further.

Imlie heads to Meera’s house and expresses her desire to know the truth about what happened to Agastya’s father. Meanwhile, Bulbul escapes from a factory and encounters a man who warns her about a potential threat. The man takes her back to the factory, revealing himself as the blind watchman’s son, and hands her a gun. He pushes Bulbul towards Karan and Sonali. Meera begins her story about her past, involving her marriage to Kunal and the subsequent events leading to her being accused of his murder. As Meera continues her narrative, a masked killer approaches, targeting Panditji and then heading towards Imlie and Meera.

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