Imlie 20th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 20th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Imlie receives a call from the police station, requesting her to provide a statement. Agastya offers to accompany her, but Shivani suggests he complete his task and promises to go with Imlie. She also advises Agastya to prepare for his proposal to Imlie. The inspector informs Vishwa about Imlie’s impending arrival, prompting the Chaudhry family to adorn their house with lights, balloons, and flowers, creating a nostalgic 90s atmosphere. Daadi mentions that proposing with flowers and balloons is a classic gesture.

Agastya wonders about Imlie’s favorite flower, and Daadi suggests asking her directly. Agastya contacts Shivani, instructing her to find out Imlie’s preferred flower. Shivani learns that Imlie likes fresh flowers and, after some difficulty, reveals that roses are her favorite. Agastya asks Shivani to bring red roses while returning from dropping Imlie off at the police station.

At the police station, Imlie reprimands Vishwa for orchestrating an arrest drama. Meera approaches her affectionately, and Imlie gets emotional seeing her. Meanwhile, a blind guard interrogates Sonali, Karan, and Bulbul at the factory. Sonali discloses her identity, leading to the guard tying her and Karan. Bulbul manages to hide.

Back at the Chaudhry house, Agastya makes arrangements to surprise and propose to Imlie. Imlie addresses Meera as Radha kaki, expressing her gratitude for saving her in the hut. Vishwa suggests taking Radha home as she is Agastya’s mother. Imlie agrees and takes Radha to the Chaudhry house, where the family is eagerly awaiting her arrival.

Daadi instructs Agastya to keep Meera’s belongings outside to avoid inauspiciousness during his proposal. Agastya, excited and singing “Ai Mere Humsafar,” awaits Imlie’s arrival. Imlie, also singing the same song in the car, reaches the Chaudhry house. She asks Radha to wait in the car and surprises the family with the news of her found “kaaki maa” (aunt). However, her joy turns to shock when Daadi reveals that Radha is the one who killed Kunal, causing agony in their lives.

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