Imlie 20th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 20th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Imlie returns home and finds her things missing. She asks Pallo Maami about it, but she doesn’t know who took them and doesn’t seem to care. Imlie calls Bulbul to ask if she saw her stuff, which had a photo of Agastya Babu. Bulbul hasn’t seen it either. Imlie thinks someone stole it and goes to the police station to report it. The inspector seems annoyed, but Imlie insists on filing a complaint. Suddenly, Surya enters, and Imlie accuses him of following her. Surya, a senior inspector, clarifies that she’s been coming to the station daily with her husband’s missing complaint. Imlie apologizes and shows him Agastya’s photo. Surya promises to help her reopen the case.

Later, Imlie finds her stuff in Surya’s jeep and confronts him. He claims he got it from a thief. But when Imlie checks her stuff, Agastya’s photo is missing. Surya hands it to her, already knowing about Agastya. He reveals his plan to impersonate Agastya to destroy the Chaudhry family. Imlie slaps him and warns him not to target other people’s wives. Surya challenges to marry her and make her his maid. Imlie vows to protect the Chaudhry family at any cost, and their argument escalates.

Imlie notices an invitation for the auction of the Chaudhry house and calls Sonali to learn more. Sonali explains the family’s financial troubles. Upset that Sonali didn’t tell her, Imlie decides to visit the Chaudhrys to help. Despite Sonali’s warnings, Imlie devises a plan. Meanwhile, Daadi hires a new maid, and the family is impressed by her cooking skills. Binni notices a tattoo on the maid’s hand, similar to Imlie’s, and asks her to reveal her face. Imlie panics as the family gets closer to discovering her true identity.

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