Imlie 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Surya warns Anjali to stay out of his life and asks Malti to open the door. Anjali says Imli is trapping her and she is helping him to get rid of Imli. Surya says she is thinking about her and asks what did she do with Imli. Anjali says the door won’t open today at any cost and she can’t save Amli today. At Ready House, Nirmala taunts Imli that she is seeing crocodile tears in human eyes. Indra’s character kills Imli and warns her not to spoil their family with her cheap character. Imli says she can slap him but can’t question his character. Nirmala asks Indira not to slap Amli and not to get her hands dirty. She asks Imli how she can defend her character while working in a bar, it is good that Agastya died otherwise he would have been ashamed of her. Imli warns that she has no right to take Agastya’s name.

Indira warns him to shut up, says that he has no right over Surya and this house, drags him out of the house, and shuts the door in his face. Imli picked up her bag and left. Surya breaks the window, gets out of the house, and rushes home in a taxi. Arjun calls her and tells that Indira and Nirmala kicked Imli out of the house and she just left. Amli walks down the street and bends down to pick up her bag. Surya also bends down at the same time and doesn’t notice him. Amrit stops his car and asks if he will drop her somewhere. She ignores him and keeps walking. He says that he fell in love twice and was kicked out of the mansion several times, they can both return to their previous lives and enjoy themselves. She resists. He kidnaps her.

Surya reaches home and confronts the family to throw Imli out of the house. Indira says Imli was a scoundrel who kept her trapped in her illusion, its good that she is out of his life now. Amrit takes Amli to a bar. Imli asks why did he bring her to the bar. Amrit says that he has promised the bar owner to bring back the old glory, so he will have to sing in the bar again. Imli refused. He shows videos of Bulbul’s in-laws and threatens to reveal to her that he was once a singer. Imli begs not to. He asks her to get ready to sing and tells the manager that he promised to bring back the old glory of the bar and here he gets Amli back.

Surya warns Indra that questioning Imli’s character is like questioning his character. Nirmala says her friend saw Imli coming to the bar. Surya asks him which friend goes to the bar. Nirmala starts her emotional drama and asks if he talks to his mother like this. Mahesh tongue lashes him for being rude to his mother for the characterless Imli. Suriya says Imli is his and it is his duty to find her and bring her back home, won’t Mahesh do it if Himaltha leaves the house unaware. He requests the Chief Justice to take his wife back and go home. Imli walks onto the bar stage and sings when Surya arrives, hits the bouncer, and stops Imli’s song.

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