Imlie 19th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 19th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Chaudhry’s concern deepens as Shivani and Vishwa fail to return home since the previous night. Agastya expresses suspicion that Vishwa may have harmed Shivani, prompting Avinash to caution against unjustly accusing his brother. Rajni accuses Imlie of jeopardizing Shivani’s safety by sending her to Vishwa’s house. Agastya joins in blaming Imlie, vowing consequences if anything happens to Shivani. Daadi intervenes, scolding them for blaming Imlie without reason. Agastya realizes Imlie is missing and, spotting her on her bicycle with friends, drives towards them, urging Imlie to get into the car. Imlie’s friends confront Agastya for hurting her feelings, and he apologizes, imploring Imlie to join him due to the masked murderer still at large. However, his car gets a flat tire, forcing him to stop.
Daadi informs Imlie that Shivani has returned home, revealing she stayed with a friend after an argument with Avinash. Imlie expresses gratitude to her friends for their help. Agastya’s friends tease him about using Imlie’s bicycle to return home, leading to a playful exchange. During their banter, a speeding car pushes them aside, causing them to fall. Agastya loses consciousness after hitting his head on a stone. Vishwa, who returns in the car, threatens Imlie with a rod, blaming her for his madness. Agastya regains consciousness and strikes Vishwa from behind, causing him to collapse.
Meanwhile, Sonali, Karan, and Bulbul find themselves trapped in a factory. A blind watchman points a gun at them, creating a tense situation. Agastya brings Imlie and Vishwa home, where Navya and Avinash rush to Vishwa’s aid. Agastya accuses Vishwa of attacking Imlie, leading to Vishwa’s arrest by the police. Vishwa challenges Imlie and Agastya to return and seek revenge. The police, however, interrupt their journey to another location where Meera is waiting. Vishwa apologizes to Meera for the delay. Agastya carries Imlie to her room, declaring Vishwa’s chapter closed. As Imlie sleeps, she holds Agastya’s hand and asks for answers, prompting him to express his feelings for her.
Shivani, Daadi, and Govind encourage Agastya to propose properly. When Imlie questions their behavior, they become evasive. Agastya, flustered, asks why she woke up, and she mentions a police station call for her statement. Agastya suggests they go, but Shivani insists he concentrate on proposing to Imlie, allowing her to accompany Imlie to the police station.

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