Imlie 19th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 19th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The police commissioner questions Surya’s request to search the Chaudhry house and dig up its ground based solely on his intuition regarding his brother-in-law’s disappearance. Surya insists that his intuition is always accurate and that he’s currently working undercover, but the commissioner denies his request, stating that the law requires evidence before granting permission. Despite this, Surya believes that a girl named Imlie, whom he considers greedy, might be involved and suspects a connection between the Chaudhrys and her. He mentions an incident involving Raghu and the girl. However, the commissioner dismisses Surya and his intuition from the case, emphasizing the dignity of the Chaudhry family in the area.

Sonali calls Imlie, worried about a constable’s visit and the investigation into Raghu’s disappearance. She fears the police may have tracked Raghu’s phone to their location. Imlie reassures her and promises to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Surya informs Constable Tripathi that he believes Imlie is involved in Raghu’s disappearance and vows to personally investigate the matter. Back home, Malti expresses concern for Surya’s well-being to her mother. Surya returns, and Malti asks if he found Raghu, expressing her distress over his two-day absence and her willingness to harm herself if anything happens to Raghu. Surya assures her he’ll find Raghu.

Surya’s mother questions why he hasn’t found Raghu yet. Surya explains that the commissioner removed him from the case because Raghu is related to him. His mother reminds him that he isn’t their biological family and reflects on her warnings against adopting him. She expresses regret that her husband brought him up and made him a police officer, hoping he’d protect their family, but Surya seems distant. Tripathi informs Surya that the technical team has traced his and Raghu’s last call. Surya instructs him to send the details to his personal email and delete them from official records. Upon listening to the audio, he hears Imlie’s voice and decides to investigate the matter as a brother, determined to uncover her involvement.

The next morning, Surya learns that Raghu’s case has been closed due to pressure from higher authorities. He decides to confront Imlie, who is attending class. Her teacher announces her test score, and Imlie excitedly plans to share the news with her family. After leaving college, she emotionally confides in Agastya’s photo, promising to protect his family. Meanwhile, Imlie’s friends inform her about the Chaudhry family’s troubles following Agastya’s death. Imlie decides to reach out to Sonali but is unaware that Binni deletes her message. Later, Binni deliberately hits Imlie’s cycle with her car, leading to a confrontation where Imlie accuses her of meddling in the Chaudhry family’s affairs. Surya observes the incident, and Imlie confronts him, mistaking him for someone else and accusing him of spying on her. Surya warns her to stop or face arrest, and Imlie walks away, agitated.

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