Imlie 18th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 18th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Agastya informs Imlie about a bet they had regarding the competition’s loser having to fulfill a request from the winner. Having emerged victorious, Agastya urges Imlie to state her desire. However, she refuses to accept his triumph and questions his intentions. Agastya, undeterred, draws her closer, emphasizing that he only seeks a straightforward question. Imlie, feeling uneasy, inquires about the person questioning her from such proximity. Before she can express herself, they are interrupted by Vishwa’s associate.

Imlie recognizes the man as the one who played the accident victim in Vishwa’s video. Concerned about escalating the family feud, she chastises Agastya for involving the aide. Agastya reveals the police’s impending arrival to take the man’s statement, planning to use it as evidence against Vishwa. As they converse, Vishwa’s car speeds towards them. Sensing danger, Imlie rescues Agastya just in time, preventing a collision. Unfortunately, the car crashes into the man, resulting in his death. Shocked, Imlie sits in disbelief.

When the police arrive, Agastya points the finger at Vishwa, stating it was his car. Vishwa, however, claims his car was stolen, filing a missing complaint. Agastya accuses Vishwa of orchestrating the incident to save himself. During the investigation, Imlie refrains from identifying the driver due to obscured vision. Avinash, Vishwa’s brother, expresses anger at Agastya’s accusations. Despite the tension, Agastya insists that his sister, Shivani, will not leave.

In a parallel story, Sonali and Karan visit an old sweet factory based on a tip. Breaking in, they encounter Bulbul attempting to unlock the gate. Inside, a blind watchman confronts them with a gun, demanding an explanation. Unbeknownst to him, they silently enter the factory.

Back at Vishwa’s house, Agastya and Avinash argue over Shivani’s residence. Imlie intervenes, suggesting that Shivani decides for herself. Shivani chooses to stay with Avinash, believing he will protect her. Rajni blames Imlie for endangering Shivani’s life, and the family sides with her. Agastya warns Imlie that he won’t support her if anything happens to Shivani.

Later, Agastya, worried for Shivani’s safety, refuses to entertain Imlie’s theory that someone else might be responsible for the recent events. Imlie attempts to soothe him with a song, but Agastya becomes alarmed when he notices the open gate to the outhouse. Searching for Shivani, they find her broken phone. Meanwhile, Sonali, Karan, and Bulbul investigate the sweet factory. Sonali discovers a suspicious Singh Sweet box, questioning its seemingly new appearance. As Agastya questions Shivani’s whereabouts, tensions rise, and he becomes convinced that Vishwa may have harmed her.

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